Saturday, May 29, 2010

Top 5 Wonder Woman Bondage Pencil Sketch Pictures

Wonder Woman has a long history of experimenting with bondage.  Having that golden lasso around all the time, probably just leads to things.  Fun things.  Kinky things.  Awesome things. 

Here are gfest's picks for our top five favorite Wonder Woman bondage sketches.

Number 1 - Simply Amazing.  By far and away the best of the bunch.

Number 2 - Wonder Woman with a Hint of Asian. 

Number 3 - The rack - a classic that never dissapoints.

Number 4 - Lesbian bondage - twice the fun!

Number 5 - Bondage with Dr. Light in the room is never a good thing.


Friday, May 28, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman

GEEKLEETIST put out this funny mocked-up photo as tribute to Gary Coleman who died today at the age of 42 of a brain hemorrhage.  He was best known for playing Arnold Jackson on Diff'rent Strokes.  Gfest expresses its condolence and prayers to Todd Bridges, Dana Plato and all the over misfits from that 80s TV Show.  Unless they are dead already too.  Webster (aka, Emmanuel Lewis), Punky Brewster (aka, Soleil Moon Frye) be careful, your next!  Death comes in mini-threes.

Heidi Montag's Self Made Transformer 3 Audition Tape

Remember the scene is in the original "Men in Black" movie where Will Smith auditions for Tommy Lee Jones and Rip Torn to determine if he has what it takes to be a part of the team?  Well Heidi Montag apparently put together this god awful audition tape for Michael Bay to land Megan Fox's role in "Transformer's 3." 

Gfest is not in the "business" but we are pretty sure that Michael Bay could give a rats ass if you can shoot a hand gun.  We don't remember Megan Fox shooting to many handguns in either "Transformers" movie.  I do vividly remember Megan in very tight clothes sprawled all over a motorcycle.

To view the god awful tape, watch below.

Warner Brothers Green Lighting Barry Allen 'Flash' Movie

According to Gfest's friends at CBR, the corporate change-up that turned DC Comics into DC Entertainment has so far left smaller impacts on the publishing and promotion side of the long-standing comics company, most recently in the form of DC alternate world variants appearing on the Fox show "Fringe."

However, hidden in the latest Warner Brothers studio report at The Hollywood Reporter is a hint at what role DC will play in the studio's future plans in the way every fan has been waiting for: more DC movies. And apparently first up on the slate will be the fastest man alive himself.

According to Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer during an investor meeting, the DC Comics stable of superheroes are primed to become the studios biggest ten-tpoll farm for blockbuster movies once the WB's "Harry Potter" franchise wraps in July of 2011. First out the gate of unannounced films appears to be "The Flash" based on the Silver Age DC speedster as Meyer reportedly said they were "nearing" a green-light for the movie. Last summer, "Flash" writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns was announced as co-producer and screenwriter for a Flash film, although Meyer gave no indication if it was this script that was so near the green-lighting phase.

Next up for Warners and DC in theaters is an adaptation of Western hero "Jonah Hex" followed by "Green Lantern" on June 17, 2011 followed by the next Christopher Nolan "Batman" movie in July of 2012 and the Nolan-produced "Superman" relaunch during the 2012 holiday season. For more info on the full WB film slate including the sequel to "Sherlock Holmes" go to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bizarro Superman's Hot Tub Time Machine Cameo

First let me say this, I don't know exactly what this picture is, but I know its awesome. 

But you take a steroid freak, send him back to the 1970's, put him in a Hot Tub Time Machine type ski resort, and he gets to photobomb some unsuspecting family's vacation picture.  That's almost too much for one single picture to handle. 

image source: (

Indonesian Toddler Smokes 40 Cigarettes a Day

Ardi got his first taste for tobacco when his father Mohammed, a 30-year-old fishmonger, gave him a cigarette when he was a year and a half old - and now he throws tantrums if he can't doesn't get at least 40 cigarettes a day.

Top 15 Superhero Sex Position Names

Recently on Twitter, a little game developed where people were asked to come up with names for sex positions based on superheroes.  Gfest thought that the results were pretty funny.  Below are our top 15 favorite superhero sex position names.  Which will you be trying tonight?

  • The Hulk Smash
  • Magoggie Style
  • Booster Gold Shower
  • Dirty Sinestro
  • Tickling Her Black Canary
  • Howard the Fuck
  • Penetrating the Fortress of Solitude
  • Reverse Boy Wonder
  • Thor's Rusty Hammer
  • Growing the Apache Chief
  • Hawking the Dove
  • Silver Surf Her
  • Spelunking Her Batcave
  • The Omega Effect
  • Martian Manhumper

Is Texting Really Most Dangerous Thing People do in Car?

The dangers of sending text messages while driving has quickly become the issue of the day that our politicians feel the need to protect us from, as smart phone use has intertwined itself with our daily lives.

But is it the most dangerous activity to undertake in a car, or even the most common?

According to a recent survey, approximately 28% of drivers text while driving.  Yet, 35% of drivers have undressed or changed clothes while driving, 29% of drivers admit to kissing while in motion, and another 15% say they've engaged in sexual intercourse or another sexual act.
Another interesting fact, 5% confessed to having played video games while behind the wheel. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cartoon Network is Planning a "Green Lantern" Animated Series

Hollywood Reporter has broken the news of the year so far!  An animated Green Lantern cartoon is on its way!
Phil Kent, chairman and CEO of Time Warner's Turner networks unit, showed a slide with some of Cartoon Network's original programming at Time Wwarner's investor day.

It included the title "Green Lantern: The Animated Series."

Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Barry Meyer said this is an example of increasing collaboration and coordination between his unit and Turner. He said the show is based on Warner's "Green Lantern" movie, scheduled for a June 17, 2011 release.

The TV series is expected to launch shortly after the film's release.

Best. News. Ever. 

Bruce Wayne Has a Bigger Dick Grayson

Once in a while Gfest get very fortunate and stumbles upon an awesome comic-art blog.  Well we certainly got very lucky when we found FoxxFireArt's Blog and deviantArt pages thanks to our friends at comicvine.

FoxxFireArt has been developing a very funny comic strip based on the The Return of Bruce Wayne.  FoxxFireArt explains on his blog.
When I heard Bruce would be traveling through time. I tried to think of the most iconic forms of time travel that could make a funny joke. I thought of "Back to the Future", "Quantum Leap", and " Terminator". While Quantum Leap has the most comedic potential. The manner of time travel was different. Knowing this. The theme of this 4koma should be pretty obvious.
I was actually posting images on my Twitter account (@ FoxxFireArt) showing my progression in the creation of this 4koma. From the time that my pencil hit the page. Every few hours I would post a sample to my Twitter account. I'm not sure how that went over. I'm not sure I will try that again. I just don't know if anyone even cared. Below are the images that I posted.

DC's Animated 'Jonah Hex' Sneak Peak

We know. We know.  It's not right. Gfest feels bad that we can drool over an animated Megan Fox, but the toon does look sexy in this screen shot from the second DC Showcase animated short, "Jonah Hex," which will appear as a bonus feature on the Special Edition Blu-Ray and 2-Disc Special Edition DVD release of "Batman: Under the Red Hood."

The short is rated PG-13.  In the DC Showcase story, the tough-as-nails bounty hunter Jonah Hex always gets his man - until someone else gets to him first - in this case a murderous madam who wants to steal more than just her bounty from Jonah Hex.  "Batman: Under the Red Hood," the next entry in the popular ongoing series of DC UNIVERSE Animated Original PG-13 Movies, arrives July 27, 2010 from Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. The full-length film will be distributed by Warner Home Video.  Images courtesy of

Who Knew Darth Vader had Such Pearly Whites?

Who knew under all that hardware that the catalyst behind Anakin Skywalker's entire black suit was to whiten his teeth?  Gfest has seen Return of the Jedi many, many times and never realized until now why Anakin glowed after his death.  It was the light radiating off his teeth.  Gfest can only assume that the moon light reflecting off Anakin's teeth is why Obi Wan and Yoda also had such a glow on Endor. 

Well now the Darkside teeth whitening system can be yours even if you're a Rebel.  Beaming White: Teeth Whitening Headset Kit can turn even the darkest of darkside teeth, glowing "like the force" white.  Using the same wavelengths as professional teeth machines it will lighten your teeth in within an hour while you get on with your life.

Like You Need Another Reason to Hate AT&T

AT&T says it will raise the penalty for canceling your new two-year smartphone contract early to $325, starting June 1 — and yes, that includes the iPhone — the Wall Street Journal reports. At the same time, AT&T will lower the early termination fee (or ETF, as it's called in the biz) for its less advanced "feature" phones to $150, from $175.

Find Beaker from the Muppets in these Great Moments in History

A favorite Gfest website guyism has a great post by DC Scrap about one of our favorite all-time Muppet's, Beaker.

Apparently, Beaker is the Forest Gump of Muppets.  He has been involved in numerous events that have changed our world.  Who knew that Beaker on top of being totally cool also was involved in some of the most greatest moments in history.  Can you find him?

For more great Beaker moments in history click on read more.

DC Announces Release of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Action Figures

Gfest has been less than impressed with the first two issues of the Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne miniseries written by the ever unreliable and sporadic Grant Morrison.  Issue #2, featuring Pilgrim Batman made absolutely no sense and reminded me of my love/hate relationship with Morrison.

Although, DC did something extra special today.  They made Gfest forget about the Issue #2 of this miniseries because they provided us a first look at DC Direct's Return of Bruce Wayne action figures

The first wave will hit in April of 2012, and features four different versions of our time lost hero, based on the designs of cover artist Andy Kubert.

The figures include:
Prehistoric Batman

Witch-hunter Batman

Wild West Batman

High Seas Batman

DC Comics Screwing it's Faithful Weekly Readers

In August, DC Comics will begin offering 32-page comic book titles with a $3.99 cover price in their DC Universe family of titles. A spokesperson for the publisher declined to comment further on the change, but confirmed that the new price point, first noticed by fans in DC's August 2010 solicitations, is indeed accurate and official.

Previously, all 32-page DC titles were priced at $2.99 and the publisher only used the $3.99 price point for extra-length books, most featuring a main title feature, and an 8 to 10-page back-up story, or co-feature.

(awesome image via R. Mais)

Matt Groenig's DC Comic Book Cover for Bizarro

In 2000-2001 DC Comics started the Bizarro Comics anthology.  This event invited underground and alternative cartoonists - and a few other unlikely types - to get nutty with the DC Universe's characters.

Here is an awesome cover of Bizarro done by one of the most talented animators in history, Mr. Matt Groening.  It's been nearly a decade since it's release but it definitely stands the Gfest test of time.

If you can get your hands on this old comic it is worth the read.  For a synopsis of the comic book.  Click on read more.

Mark Hamill: Joker Dies In Arkham Asylum II?

In a recent interview with IGN Mark Hamill, who is already many a comic book fan's favorite Joker, talks about what it's been like to lend his voice to the role as well as what convinced him to sign on to play the character once again in Batman: Arkham Asylum and the upcoming sequel!  Below is a highlight of the interview.
My answer to developers Rocksteady for the sequel was, 'Guys, we're never going to be able to top the original.' It was so claustrophobic. There were so many abilities like the stealth mode, and all those things you can do with the new technology. I wanted to be able to say I'd gone out on a high note."

"Of course they translated my hesitance to me holding out for a bigger salary! But I said, 'No.' I never looked at it like, 'Boy, I'm going to make a truckload of money.' I really did want it to be good. I got on the phone with Rocksteady and they really reassured me and told me what they were going to do with the sequel. But I'm sworn to secrecy!"

"This will be my last, there's no question about that. But it's the last hurrah."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Penguin Pranks Batman in This Funny Cartoon

Mike Jacobsen has provided Gfest with one of the funnier Batman cartoons we've seen in a while.  We could totally see Penguin doing this, and we can only imagine how pissed Batman would be when he finally woke up. Head over to Mike's blog to see more of his funny cartoons.

Sadly, Vertigo Comics Kills the Unknown

Just a week after Vertigo Comics announced they would end ongoing series Air, another one bites the dust. This time it's Unknown Soldier. Shortly after Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnson speculated the series was on the chopping block, writer Joshua Dysart came clean on Twitter:

"The gig is, literally, up. Since Rich Johnson posted the news yesterday that Unknown Soldier will end with #25 I've been swamped with loving emails from readers. The outpouring of affection and praise has been amazing. Thank you. The book may not have moved "enough" of you to keep it alive, but it moved enough of you for me. Thank you. I promise the book will end in an awesome, natural way and that when read in trades, will feel like it was always meant to conclude this way. I've been preparing for this cancellation for a while and have had plenty of time to sing it out right. I actually really, really like the way the series is going to end and feel like it should end this way. Keep reading! Five more issues! For two years we executed a comic that flirted with both pulp nonsense & real-life genocidal truth. As far as I'm concerned, we won."

Gfest is saddened by the recently cancellation by Vertigo Comics.  Hopefully, this is not an ongoing practice and Vertigo is going to continue to release non traditional comic books that include gritty subject matter. 

New Green Lantern #54 Variant Cover

Gfest is very excited that Green Lantern #54 hits the shelves today.

In this action packed issue Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke continue to tell the tales of the New Guardians as they adapt to Earth and its people — plus the return of a fan-favorite brawler.

Plus, we will findout what Sinestro's up to? 

In a special twist we will read about a special mission the White Power Battery send Hal Jordan on that he won’t be so happy to complete.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Supergirl said to Heidi Montag

Telvisions of the Future According to Futurama

Only thing better than watching the new season of Futurama starting on June 24 would be the ability watch the new season of Futurama by staring at a floating television screen just as the crew of Planet Express is doing in this picture.

Gfest only hopes this technology can be developed sometime in the very near future and we don't have to be cryogenically frozen until the year 3000.  Althoiugh that would be pretty cool too. 

New 'Splice' Move Posters Released

Gfest was blown away when we saw the trailer for "Splice" prior to the showing of "Iron Man 2".  While you never got a good glimpse of the byproduct of the 'splice' but nonetheless it looked pretty damn cool.

Finally Warner Bros recently released this very odd international posters for the upcoming film “Splice” from producer (The Hobbit, Hellboy) by director Vincenzo Natali (High Rise, Cypher) and starring Adrien Brody (Fantastic Mr. Fox) and Sarah Polley (Mr. Nobody).

After viewing these weird and disturbing posters and you have no ideas about this movie here is a brief synopsis:
Clive and Elsa are young, brilliant and ambitious. The new animal species they engineered have made them rebel superstars of the scientific world. In secret, they introduce human DNA into the experiment. The result is something that is greater than the sum of its parts: a female animal-human hybrid that may be a step up on the evolutionary ladder. They think they may have created the perfect organism, until she makes a final shocking metamorphosis that could destroy them … and the rest of humanity.

Greatest Iron Man T-Shirt Gfest Has Ever Seen

Gfest loves cool, unique and entertaining t-shirts.  In fact, we own more than Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.  One of our favorite online destinations to purchase unique, humorous, beautifully designed t-shirts is Threadless.

Recently we stumbled upon this creative t-shirt that parodies Iron Man.

This design by a.d.17 is damn creative and just plain funny.

I picture Bruce Wayne wearing this shirt around Gotham as a FU to Tony Stark.

Mattel's SDCC Exclusive Plastic Man Looks Awesome

Gfest loves it's action figures. We especially love our SDCC exclusive action figures.  So when Mattel released the exclusive packaging and content of this years DC Comics SDCC exclusive Plastic Man action figure, your friends at Gfest were as excited as Dick Grayson when he became Batman (despite the fact he is a whiny little bitch). 

This special packaging has been shaped to look like Plastic Man himself and it comes in a full-color shipper box for safe keeping. But the coolest thing of all? A pair of Plastic Man glasses are included that can be removed from the package and worn by you!
If you do purchase Plastic Man at SDCC, he’ll also come with a special suitcase available only at the show (packed in a separate poly bag). Not just any suitcase, of course… his arms, head and neck can be attached to the suitcase to make him appear disguised as luggage. Inside the suitcase is a chip-art comic book cover from the 75 years of DC Comics.

Head on over to MattyCollector to see all the images of this awesome SDCC exclusive action figure.  

Abin Sur Speaks About the Green Lantern Movie

Actor Temuera Morrison, best known to gfesters as Jango Fett in Stars Wars, has been very candid lately about his role as Abin Sur in the upcomming Green Lantern Movie. In fact, in an interview with Latino Review, he revealed several great little nuggets of wisdom about the film.

1. Morrison said that he's done filming now, and that his make-up job took between four and five hours to put on. He showed them a picture of himself in makeup, which is said to look very much like the concept art shown to the left.

2. "We did the whole scene together were I give him the ring," Morrison said of working with the film's star, Ryan Reynolds.

3. The actor also said that the plan is, obviously, to make sequels to the Green Lantern movie … though he's not sure if Abin Sur would be part of those sequels.

New DC 75th Anniversary Variant Cover for Green Lantern #60

DC Comics has been unveiling beautiful variant covers by some of the biggest comic artists in the industry, all to commemorate DC’s upcomming 75th anniversary.

Finally, the Green Lantern Corps gets their special treatment. The cover chosen for an update was Gil Kane's legendary Green Lantern #52 cover.

Now, we can see it re-imagined by Frank Quitely, as the variant cover to GREEN LANTERN #60

To date, DC has unveiled looks at Mike Mingola’s take on the classic Detective Comics #168 cover, Eduardo Risso's take on Superman #233, and Lee Bermajo's take on Legion of Super-Heroes #294


DC Comics 'Fringe' Amazing Alternative Earth Covers

Late last week, DC Comics The Source, revealed a series of amazing covers that were created specifically for the season finale of the sci-fi show Fringe.

These beautifully creative covers each represent a direction that the DC editorial staff might have taken in an alternate universe

Gfest has all the covers below, side-by-side with their alternate counterparts.  Thanks to our friends at geekosystem.  Original covers are on the left; Fringe alternate covers are on the right.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths: the issue where Supergirl died.

The Death of Superman: one of the biggest events in DC history.

Justice League #1: Guy Gardner replaced with Jonah Hex.