Friday, May 14, 2010

She's a Sexy Supermodel & Makes $25 million a Year

Forbes reports that supermodel Gisele Bundchen is the highest paid model in the world.

She makes roughly $25 million a year for being unbelieveable hot and sexy.  A Gfest bargain if you ask us.

Just to remind you how freakin hot she is look at these pictures of her just six months after having a baby.  Six freakin months!

I hate you Tom Brady!  I hate you Tom Brady!  I hate you Tom Brady!  I hate you Bill Belichick!

'Pixels' Film to get Full Length Feature Thanks to Adam Sandler

Most you loyal Gfest friends have probably seen  the video, Pixels, on YouTube already, but if you haven't, you shouldn't miss it, below. 

The video, from Patrick Jean, imagines what it would look like if iconic video games invaded New York and pixelated it, as well as the entire Earth!

Now the Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog is reporting that French filmmaker Patrick Jean—and his new partner comedian Adam Sandler are going to develop Pixels as a full length feature film.  The rumored plan is to make a Ghostbusters style movie utilizing the Pixels theme. 

NEW Alex Ross Cover Art to Green Hornet #4

Gfest was as shocked as anyone that Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1 was an incredible hit and it helped propel Dynamite Entertainment as the fifth largest publisher in comics for the month of June.  With the re-orders on Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1 being achieving such incredible numbers, it catapulted to the #11 slot for dollars and #20 spot for units of the top 100 books in March. 

How pissed is DC that Kevin Smith finally had a successful book but with another company?

The success of the book apparently made an impact because Dynamite just released the gorgeous cover art for Green Hornet #4, which was done by the ever-talented Alex Ross. 

Sweet Tooth's Jeff Lemire to Write Superboy Comic

DC Comics is reporting that Jeff Lemire, author of the ESSEX COUNTY and Vertigo’s SWEET TOOTH will, along with artist Pier Gallo, will be launching a SUPERBOY ongoing series later this year, with a special, one-off co-feature debuting in the August issue of ACTION COMICS (#892), that will give fans a primer for the full series.

“I am really excited to be taking over the adventures of Conner Kent/Superboy in a new monthly series! The book will combine many of the classic touchstones of the Superboy mythos along with new supporting characters, new villains and new ideas, building a strong foundation that can support the Boy of Steel for years to come. I really want to work with our amazing artist Pier Gallo to combine a classic storytelling feel with a thoroughly modern sensibility and explore what it would really be like to be a super powered teenager, in the heart of rural America," said Lemire.

Naked Leela & Zapp Brannigan - Countdown to Futurama Season Premier Day 5

Another day another awesome Futurama picture from the upcoming season premier.  Happy Gfest Friday!

Here is another picture from season six's second episode, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela." Yes, it features Leela clad in nothing more than three well-placed fig leaves.  Gfest likes figs! 

Turn down the lights, put on some music by the Robot Devil and stroke the cyclopes. Gfest was talking about Leela. Get your mind out of the gutter.  Sickos.

Lynda Carter Wants Sandra Bullock, not Megan Fox, to play Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter is pumped about all the talk surrounding a big-screen remake of her 1970s superhero series, but her pick to play the lead is Sandra Bullock?

"I think it is the quality Sandra Bullock has in all her characters that needs to be in Wonder Woman," says Carter. "You identify with pieces of them all. You can't play Wonder Woman ... you have to be a knowable woman."

Who in their right mind would choose Sandra Bullock, especially with Megan Fox in the running?  Insane.  We'd also gladly take THIS GIRL from yesterday's story about Wonder Woman's bondage history instead of Sandra.

Breaking News: Winnie Cooper is Still Smokin' Hot

The object of many of my sexual fantasies growing up, one Winnie Cooper, seemed to vanish off the face of the Earth after The Wonder Years went off the air.  Apparently, she went and became a math genious.  What a waste.  It's just one of those things that makes you think most people in Hollywood have no freakin' clue. 

But the people at Maxim Magazine sure seem to have one.  They brought her in for a photoshoot, and vaulted her right back into the world of sexual fantasy.     

Bodypaint Picasso tackles Star Wars

Mark Greenawald is the Picasso of bodypainting.  He's also single handedly provided gfest more enjoyment in one day of searching his home page, than George Lucas has in the last decade.  The guy has a real knack for pumping out gorgeous Star Wars themed body paints.  You're welcome.

Blackest Night Done in LEGOs

Ulises Farinas, creator of the webcomic MOTRO for the ACT-I-VATE collective, had a series of prints available at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival in New York.  The best was his rendition of Blackest Night. 

Want to see more of his work?  Check out his flickr account.

Jim Lee, Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane at the SAME Party

Now loyal readers know that your friends at Gfest are not the biggest fans of Stan Lee.  Having said that, this is still one impressive party guest list.  Jim Lee, Stan Lee, and Todd McFarlane were all together at the after-party for the premiere of Iron Man 2. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

NBC Cancels Law and Order After 20 Seasons

MSNBC is reporting that NBC (wonder how they got the exclusive?) will not renew the original "Law & Order" at the upcoming conclusion of its 20th season, leaving it tied with "Gunsmoke" as the longest-running scripted show in television history.  The show won the Emmy for Best Drama in 1997.

The cancellation was confirmed Thursday by a person close to the show's production. The final episode will air May 24.

Wonder Woman's Secret Bondage Past

Moulton Marston created one of DC's flagship superheroes and its first female heroine, Wonder Woman.  He also seems to have had some sexual perversions.

Wonder Woman's first appearance was in All Star Comics #8 and then appeared in Sensation Comics #1. Six months later, Wonder Woman's own series of comics appeared.  One of Marston's main themes was bondage, as Wonder Woman always tied up her captured enemies with her lasso.
But she also got tied up herself - a LOT.  In almost all of Marston's Wonder Woman comics, you can find a full-sized panel of Wonder Woman in a bondage situation. Many of the covers during Marston's career featured men holding Wonder Woman in chains or shackles, or bound with rope.
Marston had described female behavior as submissive, though he had said in his interviews that being submissive to women could be a world-saving practice, creating a matriarchy.

Ready to bring Wonder Woman's love for bondage into your home?  Go high class, set the proper mood, and do it right from the very start with the following items:

  • The Essential Wonder Woman Accessories - This is the key to the fantasy in gfest's minds.  High quality replicas of the three most essential pieces of Wonder Woman gear - her tiara, her bracelets, and of course, the golden lasso.  I mean how are you going to recreate Wonder Woman in bondage without the lasso?

See Daredevil's New Kick Ass Suit

Marvel has given Daredevil a SWEET new costume for Shadowland mini-series.  The series has the tag line, "The Battle for the Soul of New York".

Written by Andy Diggle (Daredevil) with art by Billy Tan (Thor), Shadowland places Daredevil in the center of a war for the streets of New York City and will feature several of Marvel's "street-level" heroes.

Checkout Murdock's new duds.  It actually makes Daredevil cool.

New Toy Story 3 Trailer Released by Disney Pixar

The creators of the beloved "Toy Story" films re-open the toy box and bring moviegoers back to the delightful world of our favorite gang of toy characters in "Toy Story 3." As Andy prepares to depart for college, Buzz, Woody and the rest of his loyal toys are troubled about their uncertain future. Directed by Lee Unkrich (co-director of "Toy Story 2" and "Finding Nemo"), "Toy Story 3" is a comical new adventure in Disney Digital 3D that lands the toys in a room full of untamed tots who can't wait to get their sticky little fingers on these "new" toys. It's pandemonium as they try to stay together, ensuring "no toy gets left behind." Meanwhile, Barbie comes face to plastic face with Ken

Apple's New iPad Commercial

Apple has just released their new iPad commercial, and gfest likes it a lot.

iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful,” says the ad.  Leading off with sex appeal.  Its the gfest way.

The commercial emphasizes the iPad’s intuitive interface, usability, huge app selection, multimedia capabilities and web-related features. It shows the iPad in a number of scenarios while making the device look sexy, entertaining and exciting.

The iPad will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions and features Apple’s own 1Ghz processor. It also has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Models will also be offered with an additional 3G mobile connection with data plans available to use with it.

New Futurama Picture - Countdown to Season Premier Day 4

Here it is your Gfest daily dose of Futurama day 4.

Comedy Central has been showing us a lot of pictures from the first new episode of Futurama, "Rebirth," but today they gave us our first glimpse from season six's second episode, which is entitled "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela."  Bender's sign rocks!

Gameboy Accessory for Your iPad

Aah, to go back to the days of playing Tetris on the Gameboy or for all you rich kids the Gameboy Color (hated you silver spoon bastards).

Now you can go back to the good old 8 bit days. Who doesn't want to wrap their $500 iPad in two pieces of felt resembling a 21 year old Nintendo hand-held?

It's got a gray screen, a black keypad, A and B buttons and start and select buttons  The inside is fully lined with gray felt and there are no visible seams, so your i-gadget will glide in nicely.

If you want it head on over to YummyPocket over at Etsy and get one.

Megan Fox as Red Sonya in Millennium Films' Movie.

Last month the WONDERFUL rumor broke that Megan Fox had replaced Rose McGowan as the new Red Sonja in Millennium Films' planned movie.  While no one has validated this rumor Gfest, like a Blue Lantern, "hopes" it's true.

"Ever wondered what Megan Fox would look like as a scantily-clad barbarian in a chain-mail bikini? You need wonder no longer for I have provided the Internet with something it was truly lacking..." Gfest does all the time and we thank, thank, thank, Must...use...Powers  for their creativity and eye for beauty.  They created these Louvre worthy pieces of art.  Thank You.  

First Look at Cover Art of Image Comics, Gurdians of the Globe Miniseries

If you are one of the two or three avid readers of Gfest you know that we love comic genius Robert Kirkman.  In fact, we said a little while back, "There are maybe a dozen books on the market right now that cause Gfest excitement upon their monthly release dates. The genius named Robert Kirkman authors two of these books - The Walking Dead and Invincible."

Gfest was ecstatic earlier this year to find out that Robert Kirkman  is going to release a six issue miniseries in August, entitled Guardians of the Globe to fill the holes in the Invincible universe during "The Viltrumite War" story arc. 

Fortunately Diamond gave us a peak at the cover for the August release of Guardians of the Globe #1.   It looks great!

Coolest Star Wars Backpack Ever. Hands Down!

Gfest doesn't know how it gets cooler than this? 

Whether it's work, school, gym, etc. NO star wars fan should be without this.

The C-3PO Bespin Backpack features light-up flickering eyes and has a zippered storage pocket in his torso. It comes with a mesh pouch with backpack straps for holding all of his appendages, and can be easily assembled into a complete droid over 3 feet tall. And you can store your iPad in its cavity.

 This C-3PO Bespin Backpack($60) is available for pre-order from ThinkGeek.

Anime Inspired Version of Futurama Cast

Gfest is on a Futurama kick, we admit it, but can you blame us?  New episodes of Futurama are coming back to TV on Comedy Central, starting with a double header on June 24th.

All hail the SpaceCoyote from DeviantArt! He came up with this very cool anime inspired version of the cast from Futurama. 

World's Most Honest and Sexual Help Wanted Ad

It was a want ad with a heck of a twist that Chicago lawyer Samir "Sam" Chowhan posted on Craigslist. Now it could get him disbarred.

Chowhan was seeking what most executives seek, although Sam was brutally honest about it.  He advertised for a dual secretary/sexual partner, according to a complaint filed with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

His ad read: "Law firm looking to hire energetic woman for their open secretary/legal assistant position. Duties will include general secretarial work, some paralegal work and additional duties for two lawyers in the firm. No experience required, training will be provided."

The ad asked for a résumé and a few pictures, "along with a description of your physical features, including measurements."

A woman identified in the complaint as Debbi responded. Chowhan e-mailed her back: "In addition to the legal work, you would be required to have sexual interaction with me and my partner, sometimes together sometimes separate. This part of the job would require sexy dressing and flirtatious interaction with me and my partner, as well as sexual interaction. You will have to be comfortable doing this with us."

Avatar Has Now Crossed the $3 Billion Mark is reporting that Avatar has now sold 6.2 million Blu-ray copies in the first three weeks since launch—that's a steady climb since the 2.7 million sold in the first four days.  On top of that, there's another 13.5 million in DVD sales. 

Let's just take a second and mull over the money machine that is Avatar.  Let's be conservative and use the current price at Amazon for these items, even though most sales would have been for more than this price.

  • 6.2 million blu-rays at $19.99 each = $124 million

  • 13.5 million DVDs at $15.99 each = $216 million
  • Domestic Box Office = $748 million

  • International Box Office = $1.97 billion
Grand Total -- $3 billion dollars in sales so far.
Just to put those numbers in perspective, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight racked up 16 million sales of both Blu-ray and DVDs together.

James Cameron's epic is now the top-selling Blu-ray release of all time worldwide, and it has no signs of slowing down.

Watch J.J. Abrams' 'Super 8' Trailer Now!

The Steven Speilberg and J.J. Abrams' Super 8 trailer that has garnered as much attention as Iron Man 2 has now become available to the lonely masses via the internet.  If you have yet to see a movie trailer that involves a train crash, please watch the trailer below.  Well, at least the camera does not shake.

'Spike Your Juice' Turns Juice into Booze in Two Days for $10

Snoop Dog is probably freakin' out right now.  Because this new product actually turns juice into gin!  All you need is $10 and two days, and Spike Your Juice's magic powder will make that happen.
Here's the process the company says you have to follow:

  • Take a 64 oz. bottle of your favorite juice (recommended: grape, cranberry, or pomegranate) with a minimum sugar content of 20g/serving and no artificial sweeteners. 
  • Pour in a Spike Your Juice packet (the $10 gets you six packets).
  • Seal the bottle with the supplied airlock. 
  • Sit patiently and begin planning party to begin in 48 hours.

 This can't possibly taste good can it?  
Link to product website 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disney's Releases New Star Wars Weekend Ads

Star Wars Weekends is an annual special event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park that celebrates the epic space-fantasy Star Wars Saga and the new animated television series The Clone Wars. Join Jedi Masters, Sith Lords and Star Wars celebrities for special shows, presentations and memorabilia.

Fans of the Star Wars universe don’t have to travel to “a galaxy far, far away” to come face to face with droids, alien creatures and many of their favorite Star Wars characters.

In an effort to get your midi-chlorine count-up, they've released another great batch of amusing print ads to promote the event.  Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative Group has come up with six new advertisements for 2010's Star Wars Weekends. As in year's past, the ads feature classic Star Wars characters in funny situations around the park.