Thursday, May 13, 2010

'Spike Your Juice' Turns Juice into Booze in Two Days for $10

Snoop Dog is probably freakin' out right now.  Because this new product actually turns juice into gin!  All you need is $10 and two days, and Spike Your Juice's magic powder will make that happen.
Here's the process the company says you have to follow:

  • Take a 64 oz. bottle of your favorite juice (recommended: grape, cranberry, or pomegranate) with a minimum sugar content of 20g/serving and no artificial sweeteners. 
  • Pour in a Spike Your Juice packet (the $10 gets you six packets).
  • Seal the bottle with the supplied airlock. 
  • Sit patiently and begin planning party to begin in 48 hours.

 This can't possibly taste good can it?  
Link to product website 

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