Friday, August 13, 2010

Sexy Stormtrooper Loves Her Waffles

Why do we find the everyday lives of an army of stormtrooper clones so interesting?  Maybe we only find the female stromtroopers interesting, or the ones who wear sexy lingerie.  Or maybe we just all like waffles.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Win a Free Superhero Print & Visit a Great Blog at Same Time

Mike Mitchell has a great blog.  It's filled with great art and hilarious pictures and videos.  He's recently reached 5,000 followers and is celebrating by giving away one of his gorgeous prints.  Head over to his blog and try to get one of his prints.

Has to Be in the Running for WORST Comic Book Ever

A freakin GLEE Comic book?  What in the hell is this world coming too?  Not bad enough, the cast of this show is plastered all over iTunes, television, magazines, newspapers, etc. Now it is invading my genre, comic books.  Well if you're a tween girl, homosexual (nothing wrong with it) or some other stereotypical song and dance fan, this comic book is for you. 

Here is the press release announcing this horrible idea (really Gleeks?):
Gleeks are in for a treat this November when comics company Bluewater Productions releases the latest in its Fame series of biography comics, Fame: The Cast of Glee.

The 32-page comic book one shot takes a close look at the lives of the actors and creative talent that have made the FOX Broadcasting’s series “Glee” such a runaway hit. “Glee” fans can learn about the paths that show mainstays Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer have taken on their way to fame.

The comic also highlights the career of “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, and his steady rise to Hollywood phenomenon. The comic retails for $3.99. Fans can purchase it at comic book shops across the country and online at retailers such as

Cameron Cooke and Patrick McCormack wrote the script for Fame: The Cast of Glee, while Ben Bradi handled the art duties. For Cooke, getting the chance to work on a comic about “Glee” was an opportunity too good to turn down.

“Working on Glee was a treat,” he said. “Being a fan of Ryan Murphy’s previous work made it very easy to jump headfirst into Glee. It made it easy to see why people are so passionate about their love for this show. It’s a phenomenon.”

Darren G. Davis, founder and president of Bluewater Productions, says that the “Glee” comic is just one more way to bring new fans to the world of sequential storytelling.

“Our Fame series has attracted an entirely new audience to the world of comics, whether they’re fans of Lady Gaga or Twilight,” he said. “I expect that the same thing will happen with Fame: The Cast of Glee. I hope to see a lot of people who’ve never picked up comics before decide to pick up this book.”

Bluewater’s Fame series ranks as a major success. It’s celebrity comics devoted to Lady Gaga and Robert Pattinson both sold out their first printings. In the upcoming months the company will soon release comic autobiographies of Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner and David Beckham.

Bluewater also publishes the Political Power and Female Force line of biography comics. The company’s Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama comics also sold out their first runs.

Cooke expects the same success from Fame: The Cast of Glee. “Glee interests me for the same reasons comic books interest me,” Cooke said. “It gives a little bit of everything to everyone, and it seems to be made for the people who love it as much as it’s made for the people who work on it. Being part of a collaborative effort to bring the story of the cast of Glee to comics has been an eye-opening experience that I’ll never forget.”

Source Bluewater


On November 9, Warner Home Video will be releasing a very cool documentary called Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics and it’s going to be narrated by Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern). As the press release says:
Warner Bros. Pictures presents an enthralling examination of the creative forces behind the World’s Greatest Super Heroes in Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics, an all-new documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes of the iconic company with unprecedented access to the Warner Bros. and DC Comics archives. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics will be distributed by Warner Home Video on November 9, 2010 on DVD for $24.98 (SRP). Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics will also be available On Demand and for Download.

Behind the amazing tales of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and a host of other well-known characters is the equally impressive story of the challenges, creativity and triumphs of the company that brought those characters to life. Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics is both a celebration of the best writers and artists in comics and a thoughtful exploration of 75 years of DC Comics history.
Produced by the Academy Award ® -nominated team behind Spellbound (Feature Documentary), Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics combines excerpts from comics, films and television series with the insight of some of history’s most influential comic book creators and editors, among them Neal Adams, Karen Berger, Mike Carlin, Dan DiDio, Neil Gaiman, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Paul Levitz, Dwayne McDuffie, Grant Morrison, Dennis O’Neil, Paul Pope, Louise Simonson, Mark Waid, Len Wein, and Marv Wolfman.

Source: Collider & DC

Joe Hill's LOCKE & KEY Merchandise Coming Soon

Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. IDW Publishing has announced that Skelton Key Studio has been given the exclusive license to create keys from the Locke and Key series.  Now, I have no idea what I would do with any of these keys.  Maybe wear them around my neck or clip them to my pants.  Oh well, I love the book so maybe I can find some way to display these keys next to my CGC graded LOCKE & KEY #1 first edition.

Skelton Crew Studio (, which previously designed the sold-out Ghost Key, will debut the Head Key in September through the Skelton Crew Studio Web site. Pre-orders for the Head Key start today, August 11, and all orders placed before September 2 will receive a little something extra: a Joe Hill autographed key tag. Then the new Echo Key will debut at the BangPop! Convention before also being available through the Skelton Crew Web site.
“Every arc in Locke & Key has been out to do something different and fresh from what came before,” said writer Joe Hill in a prepared statement. “And Keys to the Kingdom is no exception. Gabe and I wanted to create another good jumping on point for new readers, and loved the idea of doing a series of standalone stories that play with some of the possibilities offered by all the impossible keys laying around Keyhouse. The keys have always been the most fun thing about the story… which makes it ridiculously cool that Israel Skelton is going to forge a series of them for real.”

“I’m really pumped,” said studio founder Israel Skelton, who also created the actual Ghost Door that resides in Hill’s home and appears in the Legacy Edition. “Joe is an amazing storyteller and Gabe consistently delivers awesome art. First and foremost, I’m a Locke & Key fan. I would have built these keys for myself anyway, so I’m really excited to be able to offer them to people who love the book as much as I do.”

Source: IDW Publishing


From what I have gathered DC is is putting out yet another Batman solicit.  Apparently DC has Wolverine envy.

Ron Marz is apparently writing the story and Bernie Wrightson is doing the art.  Other than that, I am confused as what plot direction this book will utilize as it relates to the Batman universe.  Is it Bruce Wayne?  Is it Dick Grayson?  Is it an Elseworld Tale?  Is it set in DC Universe continuity?

If any has any answers it would be much appreciated.  I guess I am just overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) depending on the day.  DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN, BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, BATMAN: LONG ROAD HOME, SUPERMAN/BATMAN, BATMAN BEYOND, BATMAN AND ROBIN, BATMAN INC., and RED ROBIN to name a few.  It's a lot to keep track of as a Batman fan.

THeseare some pages from BATMAN: HIDDEN TREASURES. Any help?

The Office in the Mushroom Kingdom

I'd be the envy of the entire office if I had these sweet Mario file cabinets.  They're classy, professional and downright stylish.  I'm going straight to human resources to see I can get these approved for my office.  "Here we go!"

Source: icanhasinternts

Superhero/Peanuts Mash-up

Michelle Lana created these stupendous superhero cartoons.  I don't know if she intentionally did a Peanuts/Superhero mash-up, but I love the way they look.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Screw the Wiimote - Play Super Mario Brothers With Just Your Eyes

The geniuses at Waterloo Labs developed this awesome mod that allows you to control your character in Super Mario Bros on the NES using only the movement of your eyes.  Of course you have to wear tons of electrodes on your face, but that's a small price to pay for truly hands free gaming. 

Play Super Mario Bros With Your Eyes Video - Watch more Game Trailers

Frank Quietly Cover to SUPERMAN/BATMAN #75

I love SUPERMAN /BATMAN.  It has always been one of my favorite books.  I love the dichotomy of the two characters within this book.  I love the yin and the yang.  Batman and Superman play off each so very well.  So different but yet so much mutual respect for one another.  The part I like most of all is that deep down underneath the tights and cowl, they're best friends.  So I am very excited to read SUPERMAN/BATMAN #75.

To celebrate this historic issue we have this beautiful cover by the great Frank Quietly and the the lead story is by Paul Levitz, who finally gets to team the Legion of Super-Heroes with Batman as well as Superman and Superboy, all lusciously illustrated by Jerry Ordway, no stranger to Strange Visitors. But this is just the beginning.

What follows is a special section featuring 2-page strips. My homage to WEDNESDAY COMICS.  It starts with Steve Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen doing the only sequel they ever will to IT’S A BIRD… with “It’s A Bat, ” a story of how an editor tries to get a special section like this going. It continues with Billy Tucci and Peter Tomasi with Gene Ha each playing up the grand adventures of our heroes, while Adam Hughes, David Finch, J.T. Krul, Francis Manapul, Duncan Rouleau, Jill Thompson, Michael Green with Mike Johnson and Rafael Albuquerque and Shane Davis all show us how the Superman and Batman families have been inspired by these two icons. From Supergirls to super-pets, and a wild take on a Lex Luthor and Joker teaming by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, it has it all, but don’t just listen to me. Go check it out!

Source: DC the Source

Collection of Sad Superheroes

I am not quite sure what to make of this, but art is art especially when it comes to anything superhero related.

These tearful superheroes are photographer Nicolas Silberfaden’s latest art project, as he attempts to depict “a sombre, striking visual image that contradicts the iconic nature of strength and moral righteousness typical in American superhero imagery.”

BJP-Online has a nice writeup about Nicolas Silberfaden, who recently gained attention photographing paparazzi by pretending to be one.

Now he’s showing the sad side of superheroes as way to portray the tough economic times that America is facing.

“Making the subjects pose in their costumes against a colourful backdrop, I ask them to manifest feelings of genuine sadness – honest emotions that are a consequence of our current times. Creating the illusion that Superman does exist – that he too was fallible and affected by America’s traumatic downturn.”

Source: mydisguises


We've seen a lot and read a lot over the last two weeks about BATMAN INC., the new ongoing series kicking off in November, from writer Grant Morrison. Want a little more?  Here’s a peek at the first cover to BATMAN INC., by Yanick Paquette and it’s a stunner.

Best Comic Buy this Wednesday - BONE: TALL TALES Prequel, Prequel

Today we have the arrival of Jeff Smith's latest Bone-related project, Tall Tales ($10.99 paperback, $22.99 hardcover). My nine year old son has become obsessed with Bone. He basically worships the Red Dragon. This "new" book basically collects material most Bone aficionados have read before (namely the Stupid, Stupid Rat Tails series).

Bone: Tall Tales serves as a perfect introduction to the series for new readers, and it's a must-have for long-time Bone fans as well. This fun collection of stories of Casper-looking underdogs is perfectly titled, because each and every funny tale Smiley shares 'round the campfire is a tall one. The glossy full-colour illustrations will reel kids in, and the high-falutin' stories will keep them intrigued. The tale of Bone's birth is especially off-the-wall. My favorite tale is the final story, in which Bone gathers a hodgepodge group of woodland creatures, including an adorable fox, a shy turtle, a very put-upon monkey, and a guardian dragon named Stillman who quickly stole a little piece of my heart, to help him in a fight against the evil rat creatures.

All Six SCOTT PILGRIM Books Now on iPad & iPhone

Yesterday's announcement from ComiXology that the all six volumes of O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim graphic novels are now available on the iPad, iPhone, and on the web at Published in print by Oni Press, the volumes are priced at $6.99 for 1 through 5, and $11.99 (cover price) for Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, the sixth and final volume released to bookstores last month.

It’s another digital coup for market leader ComiXology, but the Scott Pilgrim comics actually aren’t available for purchase through the distributor’s simply named Comics app. Rather, a separate free app must be downloaded to buy the comics, which are then viewed through the Comics app (or the web). A bit roundabout, but that’s the deal.

Damn it! Like I needed another reason to be pissed that I do not own an iPad. Although, I already own all six volumes of Scott Pilgrim, but still iPads are cool and comic books on an iPad is even cooler. I want one!

Source:  Newsarama

Seasons 3: Star Wars Clone Wars Starts Sept. 17

The Justice League and Justice League Unlimted were the last tow shows on cartoon network that I can remember getting giddy about on a weekly basis. That was until Star Wars the Clone Wars began nearly three years ago. Now, my Friday nights are consumed with Jedi goodness. If the preview of Season 3 doesn't make your lightsaber glow, then you are doomed to a life of worshiping the Dark Side.
Mystery, intrigue and adventure await our heroes with all-new action-packed episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As war continues to rage throughout the galaxy, the dark side grows even stronger and the Jedi Knights are pushed to the breaking point. The lines between good and evil become blurred as secrets are revealed, truths are questioned and alliances are betrayed. Loyalties are tested as new enemies emerge and heroes rise – and fall.

In this transformative new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, surprises wait at every turn, the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance and the destiny of the “Chosen One” will at long last be uncovered. Thrilling, unpredictable and often humorous, the exciting new adventures of the Star Wars Saga will captivate fans of all ages.

BRUCE WAYNE: THE ROAD HOME Covers are HUGE (and Batastic)!

DC promised us something big when they announced the BRUCE WAYNE: THE ROAD HOME books last month,.  Although, I must have missed the fact that the cover would be a connected image, featuring a number of the key characters that reside on the Bat-universe. The wonderful cover art was done by none other than SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE artist Shane Davis.  Click on the above image to see the beautifully detailed images from the BRUCE WAYNE: THE ROAD HOME cover.

Source DC: The Source

Sex is the Same Even in the Mushroom Kingdom

Thanks to Steve Napierski over at Dueling Analogues for this hilarious cartoon of Peach and Daisy.  Poor Mario, after all these years being monogamous, he still has to strap on a condom.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GREEN LANTERN #59: Includes Exclusive Reveal for GREEN LANTERN Film

As if anyone needs reason to buy Geoff John's GREEN LANTERN comic book.  The comic itself is one of the best books on the market and has been since he took over and begin piecing together his story (HAL JORDAN SECRET ORIGIN, SINESTRO CORP. WAR, BLACKEST NIGHT and BRIGHTEST DAY). 

Now you have another reason to pick up the  comic book.  GREEN LANTERN #59 will include an exclusive first look at a member of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS from the 2011 live action GREEN LANTERN film.
I wonder if each monthly issue of GREEN LANTERN will feature an exclusive reveal as we move closer to Summer 2011.  Who do you think will be the first character revealed in October in GREEN LANTERN #59?

FIRST LOOK: Kilowog from Green Lantern Movie

Comic Book Movie had this image on their website earlier today and claimed this is the Kilowog we will see in next summer's Green Lantern movie.  I like the concept and am hopeful this is the version we will see on the big screen.  What do you think Poozers?

Sinestro Brand Moustache Wax and Other Superhero Endorsements

After years of ridicule, is Booster Gold's dream of being able to become a superhero millionaire simply by accepting endorsement deals now a reality?  Well no, but imagine if it was. 

Superheroes reach celebrity status.  They endorse products we all know.  And Booster Gold looks like a pioneer.  I don't even have a moustache, and I already want to buy some of the Sinestro Brand Stache Wax.

To check out more, visit our friends at nerdiest kids. 

FIRST LOOK: Grant Morrison's BATMAN INC.

Grant Morrison did an interview with the Geoff Boucher over at Hero Complex and talked about various Batman related projects, including BATMAN, INC.
After time travels and dark challenges, Bruce Wayne is back in Gotham City and writer Grant Morrison has big plans for the hero. I interviewed Morrison about "Batman, Inc.," a new series that launches in October and will present the "franchising" of the caped crusader -- essentially the dark knight of Gotham City drafts, trains and commands a team of heroes who will wear their leader's colors. "It's all about branding," says Morrison. The team will include Dick Grayson, Knight and Squire, El Gaucho and eight others. Their leader, meanwhile, gets that little yellow circle back on his costume. Read all about it below and check out the exclusive art after the jump . -- Geoff Boucher
Here are some highlights from the interview regarding BATMAN INC.:

 Sane or not, Batman is not a guy that plays well with others, at least not all the time. That makes it intriguing to hear that you have plans for the Bruce Wayne to "franchise" Batman and enlist others to wear the costume.
" Oh yeah, I mean, 10 of the team-ups will be like that.  A lot of the experiences that he's been through now, the way I want to play it is that they have changed his focus and his view of what his mission is and what he can accomplish. He starts to bring in more people. The first 12 issues of the book will be team-ups with Batman and different characters as he traveling the world and kind of training people. [SPOILER ALERT: THE REST OF THIS ANSWER REVEALS SOME LONG-VIEW STORY ARC] And at the end we found out what that's all about; it's not just habit or routine. He actually has a big agenda. That leads into where I'm taking this. At the end of the "first season" I want to wind up with a really enormous Batman story. Everything is building up to that kind of climatic arc."
For the characters around Batman, I imagine there's some tension. To wear a Batman costume and join his team, you have to submerge yourself, correct?
"10 of the team-ups will be like that. The second team-up is Batman with El Gaucho, the Argentinian hero. So here's these super macho guys, these alpha males, and the Gaucho isn't sure he wants to wear that bat symbol, He doesn't always agree with Batman but he does agree with his principles and ideals. He agrees with the mission but not the branding. That's what it's all about: Branding."
You can read the entire interview by heading over to Hero Complex.  
What do you think after reading the highlights from Morrrison's interview? AS with anything Morrison, I reserve judgment until I read a few issues.  Will it be ALL STAR SUPERMAN or FINAL CRISIS? We'll have to wait and see.  Let's hope it's more ALL STAR SUPERMAN.

Action Comics #892 75th Anniversary Superman Flash Race Variant

This is the amazing Ivan Reis’ variant cover to ACTION COMICS #892.  It's also the latest in a series of special variant covers done in celebration of DC Comics 75th Anniversary.  The cover celebrates the long tradition of races between Superman and Flash.  The first occured in Superman #199 published in 1967. 

How the Superman - Flash Races First Started

According to issue #199, the Secretary-General of the United Nations came up with the idea, and approached Superman and the Flash with the idea of a benefit race. Money raised from sweepstakes would fund aid programs for underdeveloped nations.  Superman and Flash completed the race with a clear tie, ensuring that everyone was a winner. 

Superman went on to race Barry Allen several more times, and also held races with Wally West and even Jay Garrick.  All three of those men who wore the Flash costume at one point or another would beat Superman at least once in a footrace.  Superman, who was able to force a couple of ties, has never outright won a race with a Flash.

Guy Gardner Cast for the Biggest Loser

Now that Blackest Night is over, Guy Gardner is on a secret mission.  Judging from the picture above, it looks like Guy Gardner might be on a misson to become the next Mogo?

Guy Gardner is nobody's favorite Green Lantern.  Usually that's a recipe for disaster in the world of comic books.  It usually means that you just moved to the top of the getting killed list in the next major event that your comic book company dreams up.  Or you could just eat yourself to death, which would be original. 

Thanks to SerioJalNC for the art.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Darth Schwarzenegger - Making Star Wars Even Awesomer

How do you take the original Star Wars movies and make them even better?  Quite honestly, that's a question that has baffled George Lucas for decades. 

Sorry George, but thhe answer surprisingly is not Jar Jar Binks.  Instead, a Youtube user figured out that the answer really is:  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Playing the roll of Darth Vader.  Sorry James Earl Jones.

Lucas Lee Movie Posters (From Scott Pilgrim vs The World)

Scott Pilgrim VS The World opens this weekend, and gfest couldn't be more excited.  The series of books was fantastic, but the marketing campaign around the movie has been outstanding. 

Now Team Pilgrim has released a fake viral campaign for the movies within the movie that star Lucas Lee, Ramona’s second evil ex-boyfriend played by Captain America Chris Evans.

We love them.  What do you think?

Funniest Alien vs Predator Themed Merchandise Ever

If you don't think that's funny, you're on the wrong website. 

If you're upset that we made fun of Michael Jackson, please leave the site now. 

If on the other hand, you're upset that we forced E.T. to pose with Michael Jackson, well that's a completely legitimate concern.  You may register your complaints below.

Why You Should Keep Your Children Away From Winnie the Pooh

I always knew their was something fishy going on over at the House on Pooh Corner.  This place is worse than Hurley's Psyche ward or the folks in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  Also, left out Roo and all his Freudian mommy issues and that crackhead Gopher .  Although, I shouldn't be too hard because nowadays I guess this is your typical classroom in any public school.

Source Ivan?

Even as a Child the Penguin Knew What He Wanted

This picture made me laugh my a$$ off.  Thanks to our friends at ASB for posting this damn funny picture.