Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Action Comics #892 75th Anniversary Superman Flash Race Variant

This is the amazing Ivan Reis’ variant cover to ACTION COMICS #892.  It's also the latest in a series of special variant covers done in celebration of DC Comics 75th Anniversary.  The cover celebrates the long tradition of races between Superman and Flash.  The first occured in Superman #199 published in 1967. 

How the Superman - Flash Races First Started

According to issue #199, the Secretary-General of the United Nations came up with the idea, and approached Superman and the Flash with the idea of a benefit race. Money raised from sweepstakes would fund aid programs for underdeveloped nations.  Superman and Flash completed the race with a clear tie, ensuring that everyone was a winner. 

Superman went on to race Barry Allen several more times, and also held races with Wally West and even Jay Garrick.  All three of those men who wore the Flash costume at one point or another would beat Superman at least once in a footrace.  Superman, who was able to force a couple of ties, has never outright won a race with a Flash.

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