Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sexiest and Worst Batman Tattoos of All Time - NSFW

A Batman tattoo is the coolest thing a person can have.  Hands down.

Unless you call it a Battoo.  Or you make your tattoo into a tramp stamp.  Then you are just a dork. 

But deciding which exact Batman themed tattoo to get can be an agonizing process that can take years before one can make a final decision.

Some people make rash decisions, and live to regret them. Some absolutely nail it.

Your friends at gfest have been engaged in this process for a long time, and have seen a tremendous amount of tattoos with Batman, the Batman logo, or the various members of the Bat family and rouges gallery featured.

We now present you with two worthy of your special attention - our winners of the World's Sexiest Batman Tattoo and the World's Worst Batman Tattoo

Seriously.  Did you actually pay for this? 

The flat stomach would make you seem like a real catch -- that is until you reveal that you let a five year old tattoo the batman symbol on your stomach, and that you still use MySpace. 

Now THIS is how you wear the symbol!  Especially like that the sexy little bat is flying right above her own personal Batcave.  She's also got a very Catwoman feel to her, which only makes things better.  Well done.

Have you seen a worse batman tattoo?  Have you seen a sexier one?  Let us know.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jim Lee draws Batman on the iPad

How can you not love this man?  Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Joker, etc. all on the iPad  for our viewing pleasure.  Well now Jim has provided us with a wonderful drawing of Batman, the iPad edition.

Here is what Jim Lee tweeted,
"This is a very sped up clip of me messing around on my iPad. Original video was 20 mins in length; it usually takes me about 60-80 mins to get one of these pieces done using @sketchbookpro. I prefer using my finger to a stylus of any sort--makes it more fun. I honestly have to say this piece was not going in the direction I wanted so I stopped and got back to real work : ) but you get a general sense of how I layer on colors and work positive and negative shapes back and forth to get in painting."


Columbia Pictures has officially announced that the new Spider-Man movie will be called The Amazing Spider-Man. Sony also released a new high-resolution image of Andrew Garfield in the new suit, with mechanical web-shooters clearly in sight.  I have to admit the suit looks pretty kick ass!  

Columbia Pictures also confirmed the title and the release date of the project, which will hit cinemas on July 3, 2012.

Other stars in the movie include ''Easy A'' actress Emma Stone and Welsh star Rhys Ifans, reports Contactmusic.

Sally Field and Martin Sheen are also taking part in the movie, written by James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves.

Didio Decided to Fire the Outsiders Instead of Himself

In January of 2010, DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio took over as writer of The Outsiders series, a team of superheroes who do not fit the norms of the mainstream superhero community, namely the Justice League of America. You can no longer argue with the hard facts that Didio's run was a complete and total failure, even if he was too proud to admit it. 

In March 2009, before Didio took over, The Outsiders had monthly sales of roughly 28,000 copies, which was a typical sales figure for the title.

In the wake of Batman's apparent death in Final Crisis, a new team of Outsiders was created, and the title was "relaunched" to great success. Sales for the November release jumped to roughly 51,000.

Fast forward to June 2010, where the book first had to start relying solely on Dan Didio's storytelling skills, and you saw sales of a mere 18,000 copies.

As of December 2010, sales had plummeted all the way down to 13,000 copies, and now DC Comics has just announced that The Outsiders will officially cancel the title after Issue #40 in May.


So Didio not only lost every single one of the new readers who jumped on board for the post Final Crisis reboot, he's also lost more than half of the traditional fan base as well, who you used to able to count on to pick up the title month in and month out.

When Didio was first doing his press tour regarding his taking over of The Outsiders title he said "If I felt that the book was not achieving, I would not be on that book. As simple as that. I'd cancel myself."

Well, it seems that once again, Dan Didio has lied to the loyal fans of the DC Universe. The book did not achieve.  He didn't cancel himself as writer. He didn't bring in a qualified team.  Instead he canceled the entire book.  We feel sorry for the 13,000 of you who are die hard fans of The Outsiders and hung in there with this title while Dan Didio had fun pretending he was a writer.  Hopefully, he has now realized that he is not one.