Wager Amount and Payoff

The amount wagered shall be $100 per season. If Batman or Robin’s declared team wins the World Series, the loser shall be required to pay the winner $100.

The $100 prize may be paid immediately, or over a lifetime. However, a minimum payment of at least $1 shall be made annually.

The official amount of any winnings remaining to be paid off shall be the amount documented on the gblog.

Picking Teams

Before the opening day of each season (opening day is defined as the first regulation baseball game played on American soil), each participant must declare their pick to win the World Series for that year.

This pick will henceforth be referred to as the Gbet Original Pick (GOP).

The first pick in even numbered years shall belong to Robin. In odd numbered years, the first pick will belong to Batman.

Hat Rules

Each participant is responsible for purchasing a hat commemorating the GOP team they have chosen to win that season’s Fall Classic.
At the end of the regular season, the participant whose GOP team ends with the higher overall winning percentage, shall force the loser to wear their team’s hat for the remainder of the MLB playoffs.

At the end of the playoffs, all hats shall be returned to original owners.

If a player’s chosen team wins that year’s World Series, then the hat for that team must be prominently displayed henceforward.

Supplemental Postseason Pick

If only one of the original GOP teams makes the playoffs, the participant who lost their GOP team, will be allowed to choose a new team for the playoffs.

This pick will henceforth be referred to as the Postseason Pick (PP).

A PP is not eligible to win the $100 gbet.

A PP is eligible to win possession of the gbet poster.

Lemon Law

If neither of the declared teams makes the playoffs, both participants will be allowed to choose a new Postseason Pick (PP) team for the playoffs.

The player, whose GOP team ends the regular season with the better overall record, shall be allowed to pick the first PP team.

The player who chooses second must pick a team from the opposite league as the player who chose first.

A separate bet shall be established if the lemon law clause is activated. That bet shall be smaller than the $100 per season bet.

Teams picked as a result of the Lemon Law clause, are eligible to compete for possession of the gbet poster.

Gbet Poster

In addition to the gbet itself, the signed Bruce Timm Batman Beyond poster (which is awesome by the way) is hereby declared as the official gbet poster. Possession of the gbet poster shall be awarded at the end of the first season to whoever’s GOP team went the furthest in the playoffs.

After the first season, possession of the honor poster shall be given to the person whose PP team goes the furthest in the playoffs.

First Tiebreaker: If both PP teams lose in the same round, the winner shall be the player whose team had the most wins in that playoff round.

Second Tiebreaker: If there is still a tie after the application of tiebreaker 1, then the winner shall be the player whose PP team scored the most runs in that round.

Replacing the gbet poster – The current holder of the gbet poster may propose that a new gbet poster be named. The acceptance of a new gbet poster must be made by a unanimous decision of the Dynamic Duo.

Gbet Midseason Honors
At the All Star Break, Batman and Robin's overall team records will be compared.

Whoever's team has a higher winning percentage based on actual games played before the All Star Game, shall be declared the winner of Midseason Honors.

The prize for winning midseason honors shall be the honor of lighting the opening flame for that year's gfest.

Amendments to the gbet rules

Amendments to this constitution may be made by a unanimous decision of the Dynamic Duo.