Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Gfest Birthday to the Sexiest Model In Argentina

Yesterday Gfest loved Israel because of Gal Gadot's Birthday, but in less than 24 hours we have flip-flopped like a politician. We now love Argentina because of the sexy model and TV presenter Cecilia Bonelli.  Can you blame us?   She's Sultry, smooth and whole a lot delicious. So feel free to think about her all day since it's her birthday.  Courtesy of Maxim

Paramount Kills Anchorman 2, Clearly Hates San Diego

Let's start with some numbers just to set the stage:

  • The original Anchorman cost $26 million to make
  • The original Anchorman made $85 million at the box office
  • The original Anchorman also sold 13 bazillion copies on iTunes, DVDBluray even freaking HD DVD
Now are you ready for this gfesters:

The Suits at Paramount just killed Anchorman 2.  WTF?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Gfest Birthday to the Sexiest Model in Israel

This former Miss Israel in 2004, Gadot gained fame from her photo shoot for Maxim "Women of Israel Defense Forces" photo shoot, in which she was featured on the New York Post. Her gained exposure garnered her a role on the Israeli TV show Bubot, and scored her a part in 2009's Fast and Furious. She was also seen heating it up as Vince's girlfriend in last season's Entourage. She's one badass babe. Courtesy of Maxim 

Get Superman, Iron Man, Thor Books at Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow

Free Comic Book Day is a single day - Saturday, May 1st this year - when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores. Here are the offerings from the big boys, DC Comics and Marvel Comics:

Creative Team: (W) James Robinson (A) Eddy Barrows, Ruy José (C) J.G. Jones.
Publisher: DC COMICS

A war is coming, and all that stands between Earth and 100,000 vengeful supermen is one Superman! The conflict between Superman and General Zod erupts into all-out war this summer in a series that will shatter the worlds of Superman, Supergirl and the entire DC Universe — all brought to you by the hit creative team of James Robinson and Eddy Barrows! This special #0 issue featuring all-new material previews the conflicts to come while spotlighting a savage strike on Metropolis and the world — an attack that will shake Superman to his very core. After this, there’s no turning back — the War of the Supermen is here!

Get comics and more at!

Sneak Peak at the Thor Movie

Gfest knows Iron Man 2 opens today (under somewhat mixed reviews), but Marvel's next big movie already has many fans salivating.  The first feature film based on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's (Gfest Lifetime Achievement Award Winner) Norse God Thor.

The movie has been on location shooting for quite sometime, but no one has been lucky enough to to get a glimpse of the characters.  Many fans have been wondering about the choice for the role of Thor, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth.

Yahoo! Movies swindled the gods and the movie studio and received the very first picture of Hemsworth in the Thor costume. Thor opens on May 6, 2011.

She's Sexy, Beautiful and a Model. Start your weekend right with Maureen Chen

Gfest are big fans of the celebrity gossip website What Would Tyler Durbin Do. So when he posted this picture earlier in the week we thought we would share it with our loyal Gfest followers.

It's Friday, it's sunny, it's warm and after a long hard week you deserve this.  Enjoy this picture of Model Maureen Chen.

For additional pictures head over to WWTDD.

Ron Howard to Direct Stephen King's Dark Tower Movies

As know, Gfest is a huge fan of Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  We have read all seven novels (and related books) as well as every issues of the Marvel comic books spin-offs, so it was very exciting when we read various reports from THR, Deadline and IGN that Director Ron Howard, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and producer Brian Grazer -- the Oscar-winning trio behind A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code, and Angels & Demons -- are in talks to adapt The Dark Tower,  into a film trilogy.

Gfest readers if you are not giddy with excitement about this news then you have forgotten the face of your father.  Let's just hope Tom Hanks with a bad haircut does not play Roland Deschain in the movies.

Olivia Munn Deep Throats a Hot Dog

Words cannot describe how wonderful this video is.  They simply can not.

Green Lantern #54 Variant Cover Revealed

Courtesy of our friends at The Source, we get a peek at this gorgeous variant cover to Green Lantern #54, courtesy of artist Alex Garner.

GREEN LANTERN editor Eddie Berganza aslo gave us some nuggets of wisdom.
“Readers wanting to know more about the other Entities of the Emotional Spectrum are going to be very happy with what’s coming up in GREEN LANTERN’s ‘The New Guardians’ storyline. They play a large role in what’s coming up as well as fulfill a much demanded fan request. So don’t miss upcoming issues and see if you can get a copy of this variant for #54 by Alex Garner that begs you to ‘catch them all’ which is just what someone (ie. mysterious hood being in the GL) is trying to do.”

Black Lantern Corps Version of Mogo Revealed.

Black Lantern Superman was recently humbled to meet the Black Lantern Corps version of Mogo, Dan Didio.  "It's a real honor," said Black Lantern Superman.  "As our Corps spiritual leader, he has done more to expand our ranks that anyone else I can think of.  He's been so successful that I'm not sure we even need any more Black Lanterns.  I think he's just killing people for fun now." 

When asked what about Didio made him such a great leader, Superman responded that "Dan wakes up every morning and starts thinking about who he can kill today.  I mean how can you not admire that?"

Superman Enters Debate in Favor of Racial Profiling

French Prostitute Threatens French World Cup Team

Zahia Dehar, now 18, claimed in an interview Thursday that she had paid sex with several French World Cup national team players, but claimed that none of her customers knew she was under 18 at the time.

She claimed she had paid sex with football stars Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema, and Sidney Govou.

The players could face up to three years in prison and a $60,000 fine if found guilty. Prostitution is legal in France, but prostitutes must be over 18 years old, and the men are liable if they are not.

Mario And Luigi Get Blown Off for the Last Time.

Its a Mario Shirt! Damn right Bros Before Hos, especially in Mario's World.  Mario and Luigi and all their Nintendo friends have been saving that damn princess for years, and I've never seen her be "very appreciative", if you catch my drift.  Stupid Princess.

Want the shirt for yourself, get it HERE.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Car Wash Full of Girls in Slave Princess Leia Outfits

Now here's a trend that needs to catch on - and quickly.  G4 hosted a car wash staffed by cute girls in Star Wars costumes, mostly Slave Leia.  For a small price, a harem of Slave Leias acted extra slutty with each other, and may have even washed your car, if the below video is to be believed. The event benefited the Make-a-Wish Foundation and men throughout the world. 

I feel very dirty right now.  Oops, I mean my car is very dirty right now.

New Megan Fox Prostitute Trailer with Jonah Hex

Finally after months of waiting, Warner Bros has decided to release the first trailer for Jonah Hex. The film stars Josh Brolin as the comic book hero, who carries a big gun and an even bigger grudge. The trailer will make its theatrical debut in front of this week’s A Nightmare on Elm Street but if you can’t wait another day you can view it right now…

Jonah Hex is based on the DC Comics property about a disfigured gunman who travels through the Old West kicking ass and taking names later. Brolin plays the title character, while Megan Fox stars as his love interest who also happens to be a prostitute. John Malkovich plays the film’s main villain, an older gentleman named Quentin Turnbull who has a serious vendetta against Hex and will stop at nothing to see him dead. Gfest

Gfest Proposes Sexier Outfit for Stargirl. What do you think?

Examine these two pictures, and tell us which outfit you think screams Stargirl?  Gfest believes the picture on the left indubitably captures the character of Courtney Whitmore (aka: Stargirl).  It's subtle, not over the top and the lack of extra clothing only means she will be more nimble and agile as she fights the likes of Solomon Grundy or Amazo.

The picture on the right screams look at me, "I am a superhero!"  It's pretentious, extravagant and egotistical.  The loud and somewhat slutty blue costume itself is a death trap that is completely impractical to fight even the likes of Silver Age villains such as Kite Man or Crazy Quilt

Steve Jobs Just Seriously Bitch Slapped Adobe Flash

In an open letter posted to the company's website, Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally explains why he has refused to let Adobe's popular Flash videos run on iPhones and iPads.

The letter, titled "Thoughts on Flash," gives six reasons why the company has specifically prevented Flash from running on iPhones, iPods and iPads, reasons that run the gamut from philosophical issues about the nature of closed and open platforms to simple complaints about performance and the frequency of crashes.

Batman & Robin #12 Andy Clarke Variant Cover Revealed

Andy Clarke's variant cover is pretty.  But c'mon, isn't this like the tenth comic I've picked up this year that has promised me that "The Return of Bruce Wayne Starts Here"?  While I could complain, I'll just compliment.  It's clearly effective marketing as gfest has read every one of those issues hoping that Bruce finally does come back.


All is revealed in this final installment of “Batman vs. Robin” – the identity of the Domino Killer, the terrifying secret of the dominoes, and the shocking truth behind El Penitente! All of this, plus the surprising return of a fanfavorite character!  Pre-order your copy by clicking HERE.

Can a Jedi Lightsaber Hurt Superman?

Who would win in a fight between Star Wars and Superman?  It's one of those questions geeks love to debate.  And as you can see from Jim M's post below, he's played the game before. 

Now let's also be honest, this is an amazing answer.  Very well thought out and reasoned.  True, very few people probably understand it, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. 

Olivia Munn Got Screwed by Marvel in Iron Man 2 Movie

The Staff at IGN got to see the Premiere of Iron Man 2.  They have spilled the beans about what Olivia Munn's role in the movie is.  And you won't like it one bit.

From IGN:

April 27, 2010 - Speculation has raged online for months now over who G4 host Olivia Munn plays in Iron Man 2. Now that we've seen the film, we can set the record straight, once and for all. We'd label this report a spoiler, but you can't spoil what was never true to begin with. So here goes:

Rumor had it that Munn would be appearing as one of the Avengers, namely as either Scarlet Witch or Wasp. Alas, Munn is not an Avenger in Iron Man 2.

As with L.A. industry notables TV/film reporter Zorianna Kit and news anchor Hal Fishman in Spider-Man 3, Munn appears in the film as ... wait for it ... a TV personality. She plays an on-air correspondent reporting from an event that Tony Stark attends.

2011 Summer Superhero Movies

Just like peanut butter and chocolate. Cue the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Commercial, "Hey, you put your chocolate in my peanut butter. No you put your peanut butter in my chocolate."  Summer superhero movies just go together.  And Summer 2011 is going to be the apex of comic book/movie Geekdom.  

Marvel Studios has their one-two combo of Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America scheduled to be released only two months apart. DC Entertainment isn't sitting around waiting for Chris Nolan to finish off his Batman trilogy; their epic space adventure Green Lantern will be released right between the two Marvel films.

So friends of Gfest, enjoy the 2010 Summer Movie season but remember it only gets better to be a comic book in 2011.  See you May 6, 2011 for Thor, June 17 for Green Lantern & July 22 for Captain America.

Could be the Most Frightening Picture You See Today.

Beyonce has never been small but when did she turn into a chocolate sugar stick donut?

Everything on her got bigger but her boobs. In fact, I think they shrank.

Whose the girl in the yellow bikini because she's not bad looking?

Maybe it's Beyonce's younger, skinnier, more energetic little sister. 

PS:  nice one-piece suit.

Gfest WDOTD Megan Fox Tantalizing & Enticing as Star Sapphire

Lobo the "Main Man" Action Figure

We here at Gfest love Lobo.  How could you not?  He's the Main Man for crying out loud.  He's a bounty hunter that will take up any contract if the money's right. Whether it be his fourth grade teacher, Santa Claus, or God himself, Lobo will get the job done. He has been barred from Heaven and Hell, effectively making him immortal by default. 

Your friends at Gfest saw some pictures of the Justice League Unlimited Lobo and his package from Mattel’s C2E2 earlier this month, but here we have the official Mattel press pictures of Lobo and his packaging courtesy of Action Figure Insider.  Now you can read all of the text in his bio and get a better look at the Main Man busting through the other chumps in the line up!  More pictures after the jump.

Superman, Fred Flinstone and a Sailor Involved in Rape Case.

Stop me if you've heard this one - Superman, Fred Flinstone and a Sailor walk into a bar.

The classic joke actually played out in real life recently in England, but the punchline was far from funny.

Police believe that a man dressed in a sailor suit was accompanied by men dressed as Fred Flinstone and Superman. The sailor is now being sought for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in local pub. A 28-year-old woman was approached by the 'sailor' and sexually assaulted, at around 11.30pm. He was wearing a white sailor's uniform, with a white captain's hat and black peak, plus aviator-style sun glasses.

Detective constable Billy Johnson, of the Newcastle Police said: "The offender was very distinctive due to the way he was dressed, but also by the men he was in company with."

Betty White SNL Promo

We said before, Gfest loves Betty White. How could you not?  She has to be one of the funniest female entertainers of all time and unlike most women, Betty gets better with age. 

As you’ll recall, some comedic genius decided that Betty White needed to host an episode of Saturday Night Live. A site was established and 500,000 Betty White fans joined the cause to make this a reality.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until May 8 to see her on SNL, but at least NBC gave us a promotional video to wet our whistle.  Watch the teaser below.

Jim Lee's Sexy Variant Cover to Legion of Super-Heroes #1

One of Gfest's favorite artist, Jim Lee drew this variant cover for the new Paul Levitz series, "Legion of Super-Heroes."  Jim Lee used Saturn Girl in her 1970s outfit originally designed by Dave Cockrum.

While your friends at Gfest have read some "Legion" stories over the years, we are the first to admit, this is not our favorite comic series.  We are easily confused and the "Legion of Super-Heroes" has too many characters to keep track for our frail and feeble minds.

We do love the former President of DC Comics, Paul Levitz, so we will start drinking green tea, eating salmon and performing various mental exercises to prepare our brain for what should be a great series.

Preorder your copy of Legion of Super Heroes #1 today at TFAW

Brings You Back to Grade School, Doesn't It?

So, your friends at gfest have a t shirt addiction, and we love this shirt.  If we had a dollar for every time we did the BOOBIES calculator trick while we were in grade school, we'd be millionaires.  This just became my go to gift for every kids birthday party I attend this year.

Want one for yourself?  Buy it HERE.

Sony to Stop Manufacturing Floppy Discs After 30 Years

Bill Gates Seductively Throws His Floppy Disk at You

What?  People in this world STILL make 3.5 floppy disks?  Apparently so, yet after nearly 30 years, the once dominate 3.5-inch floppy disk is now officially a dinosaur with Sony's recent announcement that it will end production.

Sony gave us the first 3.5-inch floppy disc back in 1981. And believe it or not, even in 2008, the company could still sell 8.5 million units in Japan alone.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Steve Carell Quits His "Office" Job

Steve Carell plans to exit his Golden Globe-winning role as paper company manager Michael Scott on NBC’s The Office once the show’s seventh season on NBC wraps in 2011.

In a BBC Radio interview this week, promoting Carell’s new comedy Date Night, the comedian, 47, revealed that his contract with the NBC sitcom only runs through season seven and it looks unlikely that he’ll opt to stay on longer.

“I don’t think so. I think that will probably be my last year,” Carell replied when quizzed on his possible future with the series.

The actor certainly won’t be basking in retirement when he bids “Happy Trails” to The Office — Carell reportedly has 10 comedy movie projects in the works.

Once Wii Go Black, Wii Never Go Back

A black Nintendo Wii has been available in Japan for almost nine months and about six months in Europe.  But its nowhere to be found in the United States.  To make matters even worse, Nintendo even stated that it had no plans on releasing a Wii in any other color besides white in America. But that stance might have changed.

Numerous retailers are reportedly getting info about a black Wii Sports Resort bundle that’s slated for a May 9th release.  Are we finally catching up with the rest of the world, and what does this mean for sales of the Wii in the United States.  After all, the most cost-effective way to stir up sales on older products is to simply release it in a new color.