Friday, April 30, 2010

Green Lantern #54 Variant Cover Revealed

Courtesy of our friends at The Source, we get a peek at this gorgeous variant cover to Green Lantern #54, courtesy of artist Alex Garner.

GREEN LANTERN editor Eddie Berganza aslo gave us some nuggets of wisdom.
“Readers wanting to know more about the other Entities of the Emotional Spectrum are going to be very happy with what’s coming up in GREEN LANTERN’s ‘The New Guardians’ storyline. They play a large role in what’s coming up as well as fulfill a much demanded fan request. So don’t miss upcoming issues and see if you can get a copy of this variant for #54 by Alex Garner that begs you to ‘catch them all’ which is just what someone (ie. mysterious hood being in the GL) is trying to do.”

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