Friday, June 25, 2010

iPhone 4 Commercial – The Deleted Scenes

Thanks to the folks at FunnyorDie for this freakin hilarious iPhone video.  These apple employees didn't make the cut in the Apple iPhone 4 video.

Mondo Releases First in Series of STAR WARS Posters

Jeff Soto created this beautiful Star Wars poster entitled, "Scrap Yard Power Droid."  This limited edition (350 total) print can purchased at Mondo

"Star Wars was a pretty big deal for me as a kid. I was only 2 when the movie came out, and I can't even remember if I saw it or not in the theater. The characters and story were known to many of us mainly from the toys! The toys! Oh they were wonderful, and we played with them for hours (and wore out the BEST and Sears catalog)!  One of my favorite action figures was the Power Droid, and I didn't really know much about the little guy, but for some reason he (I pictured it being male for some reason) captivated my imagination. I realized at some time that he's barely even in the movie, which added to his mystique. Over the years he functioned as the worn out, floppy-legged power supply for numerous Transformers, GI Joe's and Construx. He is small and cute, and found a place in my childhood heart. I still have the little guy. This piece is an ode to the Power Droid!"

Jeff Soto

The screen prints are 24″x36″, hand-numbered, and cost $50. They’re also a limited edition of 350 so if you want it, get it now.

Katy Perry is Kinda Topless In Esquire

Katy Perry is gracing the cover of British Esquire and she is fondling her big ta-ta's.  While Gfest thinks Katy Perry is annoying and not really that good looking (certainly not better looking than Megan Fox), we do like looking at her chest.  Well anyway enjoy these bad boys.

Do It for Jor-EL, Superman, Do it for Jor-EL

You can't blame Superman.  Looking at the history of Krypton one did not see very much "color."  One has to assume in the Fortress of Solitude, Jor-EL in one of his many messages to  Kal-EL, had to ask, "what's it like to be with a sexy black woman?"  Superman's response, "bootylicious and delicious!"  Jor-EL then responds, "Tell me more, son.  Tell me, more, but keep it quiet your mom's around here somewhere."

Don't F*&ck With Sesame Street's The Count

Greg “Craola” Simkins‘produced this wonderfully creepy artwork of Sesame Street's The Count playing his organ that is decorated with dead or imprisoned characters from Sesame Street.  Poor Gonzo, Snuffy, Big Bird, Miss Piggy, etc.  Seems the only three folks to make it our of Sesame Street alive are the Animal, Kermit and Oscar. 

The Count makes the vampires in Twilight look like pussies (not hard to do). 

Thanks Greg for this gorgeous piece of art. 

Batman and Robin Find a Citizen in Need of Help

Enjoy this Dan Piraro cartoon.  Most people think Batman is always busy fighting huge threats to Gotham like the Joker and the Penguin.  But Batman is always on the lookout fro trouble, no matter how big or small.

Dustin Nguyen's Beautiful Cover to Batman Beyond #4

This is Dustin Nguyen's contribution to the homage covers we're doing this year for DC's 75th anniversary. this one being after the very amazing Marshall Rogers' cover to Detective #471.

The book comes out in September, first issue starts this month, solicitation reads-

This is it! The mystery killer is unmasked! The secret of the new Catwoman is revealed! Gotham City is under siege! Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne are at odds! And Batman is torn between duty, doubt, and a vengeance-crazed super-villain!
On sale SEPTEMBER 15 • 4 of 6 • 32 pg, FC $2.99 US

Green Hornet Early Pics & Trailer Look Just Horrible

When the Seth Rogen-starring, Michel Gondry-directed big-screen update of The Green Hornet was first announced three years ago, it was greeted with some skepticism.  Let me greet it with a little more. 

The first pictures have been leaked and you can see the first trailer below.  Gfest's first reaction is that they completely and totally suck.  I don't buy Seth Rogan as the Green Hornet, and I don't buy the Green Hornet as a superhero I should care about. 

The Gfest team has seen all of the comic book based movies this summer.  We generally liked all of them, and many of them we actually loved, but even for us, Green Hornet just FEELS like a studio trying to ride the wave and make a quick buck.  It feels like its going to suck.

With April releases of the DC Vertigo comic "The Losers" tanking and "Kick-Ass" underperforming, some executives might be inclined to throw up their hands and decide that only such A-list superheroes as Green Lantern and Captain America are worthy of big-screen treatment.

I understand that it wasn't that long ago that skeptics scoffed at Marvel for making the first "Iron Man," and though based on less-well-known graphic novels, "A History of Violence" "Ghost World" and "Road to Perdition" found favor with critics.  I even think DC deserves praise for attempting to tackle the rich depths of noncaped characters with movies like Jonah Hex.

Our theory is that these kind of comic book based titles need to be done on a smaller budget so that there is less risk factor for studio executives.  Just think if you could brand a "Vertigo Films" franchise, and have them come out with one or two lower budget films per year based on Vertigo Comics outstanding library.  That would be a winner in gfest's book. 
It's been a bad summer for movies based on B list comic franchises, which scares us, because we love B list comic book based movies.  If a movie based on a best-selling book bombs, no one says, "No more movies based on books!" But Hollywood often displays a different mentality when it comes to comics, regarding them like the little brother you grudgingly let play baseball with you and your friends.

And things aren't going to get any better once they watch this turd of a trailer:

Did You Know Admiral Ackbar Says "It's a Trap"

The "It's a trap" joke has become tremendously overused in terms of Star Wars jokes.  Having said that, this shirt is pretty funny.  Maybe we're sheltered, but this is a new "its a trap" joke to us, and that is a rare occasion.  Well done.  Well done.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Neil Patrick Harris Back in Harold & Kumar 3

Have you heard? Funny guy actor Neil Patrick Harris is set to reprise his role as himself in the third Harold and Kumar comedy — featuring former White House aid Kal Penn and John Cho.
Production is already underway in Michigan on the feature, which Harris describes as “a big, giant Christmas … like a holiday TV special, Christmas medley.”

Keep your eyes peeled for A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, debuting this December!

Source PopCrunch.

Futurama Meets Star Wars Mashup

Like a woman on a Sybian sex machine they just keep on cumming (I mean coming), Futurama Mashups.  Gfest loved the season premiere last night and found this mashup and couldn't resist.

I mean come on, Star Wars and Futurama go together like Laverne and Shirley, Crockett and Tubbs, Batman and Robin, Angel and Buffy, Sonny and Cher, Bert and Ernie, Tom and Jerry, Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, Michael Knight & KITT, Bo and Luke Duke, Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute, Donnie and Marie, Mr. Miyagi & Daniel, George Michael and the other guy from Wham, Fred & Barney, Maverick & Goose, Wayne and Garth, Jay and Silent Bob, Bugs and Daffy, Shrek and Donkey, Mulder and Scully, Kyle Broflovsk & Eric Cartman, Itchy and Scratchy, Simon and Garfunkle, , Pet Shop Boys, Snoop and anyone, Calvin and Hobbes, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, Frodo and Sam, Chris Farley and David Spade, Cheech and Chong, well you get it.

Gfest could not find the artist behind this masterpiece, please let us know who you are so we can give you the credit you so deserve.

Green Lantern Movie Adds Another Cast Member

The Hollywood Reporter has today revealed that actor Mike Doyle has joined the cast of Warner Bros’ Green Lantern. Doyle will star as Jack Jordan, the brother of Hal Jordan and future D.A. of Coast City, in the film which is based on the DC Comics title of the same name.

Doyle, who previously starred for seven years on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and has most recently been seen on TV in Criminal Minds and CSI: Miami, also confirmed the news via Twitter:

Source: blogomatic 3000

2018 USA World Cup Team

Forgot about Landon Donovan, DaMarcus Beasley and the rest, it's time to look toward the future of American Soccer.  Gfest presents to you, for the first time anywhere, the 2018 USA World Cup Soccer team.  In 2018 the new vuvuzela is wu-tang, bitches!

Why Clark Kent & Lois Lane Should Not Have Sex

I know Bryan Singer's film Superman Returns allowed the premise that Superman and Lois could conceive a relatively "normal" child, but all comic book fans know the truth.  Superman and Lois were warned that creating a kryptonian and human hybrid off-spring would be disastrous. The only benefit from their selfish misdeed was we got one of the stars of Goonies.  Chunk with super powers is scarier than Bizarro.

Superman's First Attempted Flight

You don't just figure out flying the first time you try it.

Well Done Lightsaber Comparison Chart

If you're going to purchase a your first lightsaber or just looking around for a replacement model.  This chart will come in real handy. Do I go with the Darth Maul double saber or stick with the traditional saber?  choices, choices.

Exclusive First Clip From Batman Under the Red Hood Movie

The First Clip from Gfest Lifetime Acheivment Award Winner Bruce Timm's Batman: Under the Red Hood is now available for the world to see.  Again, any Batman that isn't Kevin Conroy is still a crime in our book, but Bruce Greenwood isn't half bad. 

Batman Robs a Supermarket? Clerk Had to be Very Confused.

Look its bad enough that this idiot decided to tarnish the mantle of the bat by using it to commit a crime.

 But then he made matters worse by using a gun, which Batman doesn't do.  Then the wannabe Batman proceeds to get his ass kicked. 

Wow, Dick Grayson is just a horrible Batman.  Please come back Bruce. 

Where Rainbows REALLY Come From

This shirt, available here, show the real story behind the origin of rainbows.  This leaves us with just one question.  What is REALLY in that Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow?

Futurama's Planet Express In Legos = Awesome

LEGO aficionado Pepa Quin, created this beautiful LEGO Futurama a while back , but Gfest thought with the season premiere of Futurama airing tonight on Comedy Central it was worth showing again.

As you will see in the photo gallery after the jump, the Planet Express headquarters features custom detailed minifigs of the main characters.

13 Things Worth Knowing About Mario

Consider yourself a Super Mario expert?  Think you know everything there is to know about the famous Nintendo plumber?  Think again.

13 Things Worth Knowing about Mario
Via: Homeowners Insurance

Why Andy Won't Play With Buzz & Woody Anymore

We all knew the time would come when Andy would pay more attention to the numerous adult oriented websites than his beloved toys.  Who doesn't like to "roll the dice?"   Although, poor Rex may need some help with those short little arms.

Thanks to Curt Franklin and Chris Haley at Let's Be Friends Again for this very funny comic.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Megan Fox Wants to Play Sarah Rainmaker in Gen¹³ Film

Megan Fox would like to play the role of Sarah Rainmaker in a Gen¹³ feature film, the actress told Fox411.

The character, created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, first appeared in
Stormwatch #8 in 1994. Raised on a Native American reservation in Arizona, Rainmaker has the power to control the weather and later joined the Gen¹³ team as it became Image's flagship title.

Rainmaker is also famous for having come out as a lesbian character (although later iterations of the series depicted the character as bisexual).

Although a
Gen¹³ movie is not known actively in development, Fox is already countering potential criticism of her playing the part.

"She’s a Native American," Fox told Fox, "and I have a little bit of that blood in me," she said. "It would be a bit of a stretch – but if Jake Gyllenhaal can be the Prince of Persia, I think that I can do that."

Gen¹³ previously came very close to seeing an adaptation in the form of a video game. Check out the test footage below, courtesy of the Playstation Museum.

DC Comics Continues to Kill Superman Fans Slowly and Painfully

You thought the run in Action Comics staring Flame Bird and Nightwing was a boring Superman story, as the band Bachman–Turner Overdrive said, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet."

DC Comics announced yesterday that rather than traveling the galaxy defending the universe from dark forces, Superman may soon arrive in your hometown in a very pedestrian way.
As part of the Grounded story line that kicks off in July with issue No. 700 of DC Comics' Superman series, the Man of Steel will walk across the USA to reconnect with the everyday people he is committed to protecting.

The story may be fictional, but many of the places and people that Superman will visit are real. DC Comics is asking readers to write in and campaign for their towns and residents to be depicted in the 13-issue Superman series.

Great idea because no one wants to see Superman taking on Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Mongul, Brainiac, Intergang, etc.  

Why do you continue to F*%ck the DC Universe up Dan Didio? Why?

Source USA Today

FINALLY! DC Comics Enters the Modern Age and Offers Digital Comics

After seeing virtually every other comic book publisher in the free world jump on board the digital comics bandwagon, and after facing months of questions and speculation about when DC Comics would finally announce a digital distribution initiative fro comics, we finally get an answer.  The DC Comics app is now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad offering e-versions of selected DC comics.

DC’s app is powered by ComiXology, who is pretty much THE leader in digital publishing for the comic book industry.  They also power Marvel's app. 

Over 35 titles were available at launch, with prices ranging from FREE to $2.99. The initial selection features titles from all of DC’s imprints, including Wildstorm, Vertigo and Zuda.
While most of the offerings fall in the category of classic tales or first issues of classic runs, the one that is particularly noteworthy is the availability of Justice League: Generation Lost #4 ($2.99). The fourth issue of the series (the first three are also available through the app) is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores today.  Making a comic available digitaly on the same day it arrives in comic book stores is a BIG DEAL, and one gfest wholeheartedly supports.

A 10-page free preview of another key release scheduled for today, Superman #700, is also available on the service, along with seven other free titles.

The following is a list of titles available on the service at launch:

Action Comics #844 (Johns/Donner, $1.99)

All Star Superman #1 ($1.99)

The Authority: World’s End #1 ($1.99)

Batman #404 (first part of Year One, $1.99)

Batman #608-613 (first six parts of Hush, $1.99 each)

Batman #655-656 (first two Grant Morrison issues, $1.99 each)

Batman Black & White (five stories, all free)

Bayou #1 (Zuda, free)

Dante’s Inferno #1-3 ($1.99 each)

Fables #1-5 ($1.99 each)

Fringe #0 (free)

Fringe #1-3 ($1.99 each)

Gen 13 #21: World’s End ($0.99)

Green Lantern #21 ($1.99)

Green Lantern #29 ($1.99)

Green Lantern Corps #14 ($1.99)

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-6 ($1.99 each)

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 ($1.99)

Jonah Hex #1-6 ($1.99 each)

Justice League: Generation Lost #1-3 ($1.99 each)

Justice League: Generation Lost #4 ($2.99)

The Losers #1-12 ($1.99 each)

Mirror’s Edge #0 (Free)

Mirror’s Edge #1-3 ($1.99 each)

The Origin of Batman #1 (free)

The Origin of Superman #1 (free)

Planetary #1-6 ($1.99 each)

Sandman #1 ($1.99)

Stormwatch: PHD #13: World’s End ($0.99)

Superman #700: Preview (free)

Superman/Batman #1-10 ($1.99 each)

Team Zero #1-6 ($0.99 each)

Tiny Titans #1-6 ($1.99 each)

The Unwritten #1 ($1.99)

Victorian Undead ($1.99)

Wildcats: World’s End #1 ($0.99)

Reason #589 our Nation's Public School System Sucks

Are you kidding me?  This kid got detention for standing up in the middle of class and declaring that he is Superman?  Poor Anthony.  If that were my kid, I would be incredibly proud, and take the kid out for ice cream after his detention was over.  Ms. Eiesland needs to loosen up and have some fun with her students.

But you know what's worse than giving him the detention?  Ms. Eiesland deducted 10 charachter points!  That is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of.  Next time Ms. Teacher just laugh it off and keep teaching.   

In Honor of Its Return: Top 10 Futurama Mashups on the Web

In honor of the long awaited season premiere of Futurama on Comedy Central, Gfest has put together a HUGE collection of the Top 10 Futurama mashups for you.  HypnoToad says you WILL enjoy these.

thanks to some guy named Matt Groenig

thanks to gottabecarl

thanks xunav
 thanks ~ennui-robot

 thanks ~ou8mud

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