Friday, June 25, 2010

Green Hornet Early Pics & Trailer Look Just Horrible

When the Seth Rogen-starring, Michel Gondry-directed big-screen update of The Green Hornet was first announced three years ago, it was greeted with some skepticism.  Let me greet it with a little more. 

The first pictures have been leaked and you can see the first trailer below.  Gfest's first reaction is that they completely and totally suck.  I don't buy Seth Rogan as the Green Hornet, and I don't buy the Green Hornet as a superhero I should care about. 

The Gfest team has seen all of the comic book based movies this summer.  We generally liked all of them, and many of them we actually loved, but even for us, Green Hornet just FEELS like a studio trying to ride the wave and make a quick buck.  It feels like its going to suck.

With April releases of the DC Vertigo comic "The Losers" tanking and "Kick-Ass" underperforming, some executives might be inclined to throw up their hands and decide that only such A-list superheroes as Green Lantern and Captain America are worthy of big-screen treatment.

I understand that it wasn't that long ago that skeptics scoffed at Marvel for making the first "Iron Man," and though based on less-well-known graphic novels, "A History of Violence" "Ghost World" and "Road to Perdition" found favor with critics.  I even think DC deserves praise for attempting to tackle the rich depths of noncaped characters with movies like Jonah Hex.

Our theory is that these kind of comic book based titles need to be done on a smaller budget so that there is less risk factor for studio executives.  Just think if you could brand a "Vertigo Films" franchise, and have them come out with one or two lower budget films per year based on Vertigo Comics outstanding library.  That would be a winner in gfest's book. 
It's been a bad summer for movies based on B list comic franchises, which scares us, because we love B list comic book based movies.  If a movie based on a best-selling book bombs, no one says, "No more movies based on books!" But Hollywood often displays a different mentality when it comes to comics, regarding them like the little brother you grudgingly let play baseball with you and your friends.

And things aren't going to get any better once they watch this turd of a trailer:

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