Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FINALLY! DC Comics Enters the Modern Age and Offers Digital Comics

After seeing virtually every other comic book publisher in the free world jump on board the digital comics bandwagon, and after facing months of questions and speculation about when DC Comics would finally announce a digital distribution initiative fro comics, we finally get an answer.  The DC Comics app is now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad offering e-versions of selected DC comics.

DC’s app is powered by ComiXology, who is pretty much THE leader in digital publishing for the comic book industry.  They also power Marvel's app. 

Over 35 titles were available at launch, with prices ranging from FREE to $2.99. The initial selection features titles from all of DC’s imprints, including Wildstorm, Vertigo and Zuda.
While most of the offerings fall in the category of classic tales or first issues of classic runs, the one that is particularly noteworthy is the availability of Justice League: Generation Lost #4 ($2.99). The fourth issue of the series (the first three are also available through the app) is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores today.  Making a comic available digitaly on the same day it arrives in comic book stores is a BIG DEAL, and one gfest wholeheartedly supports.

A 10-page free preview of another key release scheduled for today, Superman #700, is also available on the service, along with seven other free titles.

The following is a list of titles available on the service at launch:

Action Comics #844 (Johns/Donner, $1.99)

All Star Superman #1 ($1.99)

The Authority: World’s End #1 ($1.99)

Batman #404 (first part of Year One, $1.99)

Batman #608-613 (first six parts of Hush, $1.99 each)

Batman #655-656 (first two Grant Morrison issues, $1.99 each)

Batman Black & White (five stories, all free)

Bayou #1 (Zuda, free)

Dante’s Inferno #1-3 ($1.99 each)

Fables #1-5 ($1.99 each)

Fringe #0 (free)

Fringe #1-3 ($1.99 each)

Gen 13 #21: World’s End ($0.99)

Green Lantern #21 ($1.99)

Green Lantern #29 ($1.99)

Green Lantern Corps #14 ($1.99)

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-6 ($1.99 each)

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 ($1.99)

Jonah Hex #1-6 ($1.99 each)

Justice League: Generation Lost #1-3 ($1.99 each)

Justice League: Generation Lost #4 ($2.99)

The Losers #1-12 ($1.99 each)

Mirror’s Edge #0 (Free)

Mirror’s Edge #1-3 ($1.99 each)

The Origin of Batman #1 (free)

The Origin of Superman #1 (free)

Planetary #1-6 ($1.99 each)

Sandman #1 ($1.99)

Stormwatch: PHD #13: World’s End ($0.99)

Superman #700: Preview (free)

Superman/Batman #1-10 ($1.99 each)

Team Zero #1-6 ($0.99 each)

Tiny Titans #1-6 ($1.99 each)

The Unwritten #1 ($1.99)

Victorian Undead ($1.99)

Wildcats: World’s End #1 ($0.99)

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