Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reason #589 our Nation's Public School System Sucks

Are you kidding me?  This kid got detention for standing up in the middle of class and declaring that he is Superman?  Poor Anthony.  If that were my kid, I would be incredibly proud, and take the kid out for ice cream after his detention was over.  Ms. Eiesland needs to loosen up and have some fun with her students.

But you know what's worse than giving him the detention?  Ms. Eiesland deducted 10 charachter points!  That is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of.  Next time Ms. Teacher just laugh it off and keep teaching.   


  1. How old was this kid. If he was 11 or 12, he should have known better. If he was 5 or 6, it would so rock!

  2. If he was under 6 or over 17 it's worthy of being approved.

  3. I'm suddenly having flashbacks to my own childhood. Poor Anthony!

  4. I don’t know what grade this is, but it’s certainly elementary school I’d think. This kid got detention for standing up in the middle of class and declaring that he is Superman. Really? It only takes this much to be thrown into detention nowadays?
    Check out the fine print at the bottom – it tells you how many copies of this form were made and who they were sent to. I think we’ve just solved the problem of global deforestation – it’s caused by grade school detention slips.
    • The white copy goes to the school office.
    • The yellow copy goes to the guidance counselor.
    • The green copy goes to the parent.
    • The blue copy goes to the teacher.
    • The pink copy goes to the student.
    FIVE different copies for one kid making a Superman joke in class.
    There’s also a line on this detention slip for “Number of Character Points Deducted” and Ms. Eisland, the kid’s teacher, writes in “-10”. You can lose “character points” in class? First off, what the heck is a character point? And really, if you walk into class and pretend to be a super hero character, shouldn’t your character points INCREASE?!? After all, that makes you MORE of a character, right?
    Nope... automatic detention. Now, if Anthony had taken off his shirt to reveal a Wonder Woman costume, then I could totally understand all of this; the kid would need a checkup from the neck up. But the Man of Steel? This rocks.