Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Megan Fox Prostitute Trailer with Jonah Hex

Finally after months of waiting, Warner Bros has decided to release the first trailer for Jonah Hex. The film stars Josh Brolin as the comic book hero, who carries a big gun and an even bigger grudge. The trailer will make its theatrical debut in front of this week’s A Nightmare on Elm Street but if you can’t wait another day you can view it right now…

Jonah Hex is based on the DC Comics property about a disfigured gunman who travels through the Old West kicking ass and taking names later. Brolin plays the title character, while Megan Fox stars as his love interest who also happens to be a prostitute. John Malkovich plays the film’s main villain, an older gentleman named Quentin Turnbull who has a serious vendetta against Hex and will stop at nothing to see him dead. Gfest

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