Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gfest Proposes Sexier Outfit for Stargirl. What do you think?

Examine these two pictures, and tell us which outfit you think screams Stargirl?  Gfest believes the picture on the left indubitably captures the character of Courtney Whitmore (aka: Stargirl).  It's subtle, not over the top and the lack of extra clothing only means she will be more nimble and agile as she fights the likes of Solomon Grundy or Amazo.

The picture on the right screams look at me, "I am a superhero!"  It's pretentious, extravagant and egotistical.  The loud and somewhat slutty blue costume itself is a death trap that is completely impractical to fight even the likes of Silver Age villains such as Kite Man or Crazy Quilt

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