Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lobo the "Main Man" Action Figure

We here at Gfest love Lobo.  How could you not?  He's the Main Man for crying out loud.  He's a bounty hunter that will take up any contract if the money's right. Whether it be his fourth grade teacher, Santa Claus, or God himself, Lobo will get the job done. He has been barred from Heaven and Hell, effectively making him immortal by default. 

Your friends at Gfest saw some pictures of the Justice League Unlimited Lobo and his package from Mattel’s C2E2 earlier this month, but here we have the official Mattel press pictures of Lobo and his packaging courtesy of Action Figure Insider.  Now you can read all of the text in his bio and get a better look at the Main Man busting through the other chumps in the line up!  More pictures after the jump.

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