Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jim Lee's Sexy Variant Cover to Legion of Super-Heroes #1

One of Gfest's favorite artist, Jim Lee drew this variant cover for the new Paul Levitz series, "Legion of Super-Heroes."  Jim Lee used Saturn Girl in her 1970s outfit originally designed by Dave Cockrum.

While your friends at Gfest have read some "Legion" stories over the years, we are the first to admit, this is not our favorite comic series.  We are easily confused and the "Legion of Super-Heroes" has too many characters to keep track for our frail and feeble minds.

We do love the former President of DC Comics, Paul Levitz, so we will start drinking green tea, eating salmon and performing various mental exercises to prepare our brain for what should be a great series.

Preorder your copy of Legion of Super Heroes #1 today at TFAW

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  1. thats not a super hero uniform it's a fetish costume