Friday, May 14, 2010

Lynda Carter Wants Sandra Bullock, not Megan Fox, to play Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter is pumped about all the talk surrounding a big-screen remake of her 1970s superhero series, but her pick to play the lead is Sandra Bullock?

"I think it is the quality Sandra Bullock has in all her characters that needs to be in Wonder Woman," says Carter. "You identify with pieces of them all. You can't play Wonder Woman ... you have to be a knowable woman."

Who in their right mind would choose Sandra Bullock, especially with Megan Fox in the running?  Insane.  We'd also gladly take THIS GIRL from yesterday's story about Wonder Woman's bondage history instead of Sandra.


  1. I disagree. Sandra Bullock not only has the acting talent and experience that Meghan Fox lacks, but her face is better suited to the classic character. I think she would play the role much more effectively than Meghan, who is, let's face it, just TnA. She really can't compare.

  2. Meghan Fox would be awful. She looks too trashy/porny for Wonder Woman.

  3. Agreed. Plus it is an insult to put any actress in the role for WW. Would you want Jamie Kennedy to play Superman?

  4. I agree that Megan Fox would be a horrible pick no matter how beautiful many people think she is. As much as I'd want to fantasize about Sandra Bullock in a Wonder Woman outfit, she wouldn't be a good fit either if DC is thinking sequels. I've got two names no one has said yet...Summer Glau(the girl from the Terminator Chronicles & Firefly) or Scarlett Johansson. If DC wanted to go for a more mature and good looking woman, then Maria Bello could work. All 3 of these actresses have already kicked butt in other roles and Summer and Maria actually practice martial arts in their regular life.

  5. If you don't care how good the movie is, then by all means cast Megan Fox. While a far better choice, I don't think Sandra Bullock would be a good pick.

    My first thought was Scarlett Johansson, but I think Summer Glau is probably the better choice.