Thursday, May 20, 2010

New 75th Anniversary DC Variant Cover Featuring Darkseid!

Gfest announced earlier in the week that as part of a line-wide celebration of DC Comics’ 75th, they will be rolling out a number of special variant covers by some of the biggest names in the industry.  But these aren’t standard variants. No, these covers will take a classic image from DC’s illustrious history and present a new, re-imagined version by an all-star list of artists. To date, DC has unveiled a look at Mike Mingola’s take on the classic Detective Comics #168 cover and Eduardo Risso's take on Superman #233.

Today, DC rolled out a classic cover to the Legion of Super-Heroes #294 which is the concluding chapter in “The Great Darkness Saga”  This cover features Gfest's favorite villain of all time the great and all powerful Darkseid.

The reinterpreted cover of Legion of Super-Heroes #294 is recreated by New York Times-bestselling Joker artist Lee Bermejo, which will serve as the variant cover to Adventure Comics #12.

Behold the power of Darkseid.  Die, Die, Die for Darkseid!

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