Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bruce Wayne Has a Bigger Dick Grayson

Once in a while Gfest get very fortunate and stumbles upon an awesome comic-art blog.  Well we certainly got very lucky when we found FoxxFireArt's Blog and deviantArt pages thanks to our friends at comicvine.

FoxxFireArt has been developing a very funny comic strip based on the The Return of Bruce Wayne.  FoxxFireArt explains on his blog.
When I heard Bruce would be traveling through time. I tried to think of the most iconic forms of time travel that could make a funny joke. I thought of "Back to the Future", "Quantum Leap", and " Terminator". While Quantum Leap has the most comedic potential. The manner of time travel was different. Knowing this. The theme of this 4koma should be pretty obvious.
I was actually posting images on my Twitter account (@ FoxxFireArt) showing my progression in the creation of this 4koma. From the time that my pencil hit the page. Every few hours I would post a sample to my Twitter account. I'm not sure how that went over. I'm not sure I will try that again. I just don't know if anyone even cared. Below are the images that I posted.

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  1. Gotta love Stephanie's expression... lol