Friday, May 28, 2010

Warner Brothers Green Lighting Barry Allen 'Flash' Movie

According to Gfest's friends at CBR, the corporate change-up that turned DC Comics into DC Entertainment has so far left smaller impacts on the publishing and promotion side of the long-standing comics company, most recently in the form of DC alternate world variants appearing on the Fox show "Fringe."

However, hidden in the latest Warner Brothers studio report at The Hollywood Reporter is a hint at what role DC will play in the studio's future plans in the way every fan has been waiting for: more DC movies. And apparently first up on the slate will be the fastest man alive himself.

According to Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer during an investor meeting, the DC Comics stable of superheroes are primed to become the studios biggest ten-tpoll farm for blockbuster movies once the WB's "Harry Potter" franchise wraps in July of 2011. First out the gate of unannounced films appears to be "The Flash" based on the Silver Age DC speedster as Meyer reportedly said they were "nearing" a green-light for the movie. Last summer, "Flash" writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns was announced as co-producer and screenwriter for a Flash film, although Meyer gave no indication if it was this script that was so near the green-lighting phase.

Next up for Warners and DC in theaters is an adaptation of Western hero "Jonah Hex" followed by "Green Lantern" on June 17, 2011 followed by the next Christopher Nolan "Batman" movie in July of 2012 and the Nolan-produced "Superman" relaunch during the 2012 holiday season. For more info on the full WB film slate including the sequel to "Sherlock Holmes" go to The Hollywood Reporter.