Thursday, May 27, 2010

Matt Groenig's DC Comic Book Cover for Bizarro

In 2000-2001 DC Comics started the Bizarro Comics anthology.  This event invited underground and alternative cartoonists - and a few other unlikely types - to get nutty with the DC Universe's characters.

Here is an awesome cover of Bizarro done by one of the most talented animators in history, Mr. Matt Groening.  It's been nearly a decade since it's release but it definitely stands the Gfest test of time.

If you can get your hands on this old comic it is worth the read.  For a synopsis of the comic book.  Click on read more.
This full-color anthology updates the Bizarro legend but allows the usually super hero-snubbing underground crowd to cheerfully send up classic costumed heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Readers will enjoy Kyle Baker and Liz Glass's take on Ma and Pa Kent getting a babysitter for the young Superman (remember, superbaby can fly). In Jessica Abel and Dylan Horrocks's charming Supergirl story the girl of steel chats about guys with old girlfriend Mary Marvel, who's dropped out of the heroine business to raise a family ("Every time I meet someone nice they get sucked into another dimension," says Supergirl); in their story, Jeff Smith and Paul Pope send Superman to deal with a hilariously moronic, Superman-hating creature perched on an orbiting space station. This funny and unusual collection also features work by Chip Kidd, Chris Duffy and others.

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