Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Abin Sur Speaks About the Green Lantern Movie

Actor Temuera Morrison, best known to gfesters as Jango Fett in Stars Wars, has been very candid lately about his role as Abin Sur in the upcomming Green Lantern Movie. In fact, in an interview with Latino Review, he revealed several great little nuggets of wisdom about the film.

1. Morrison said that he's done filming now, and that his make-up job took between four and five hours to put on. He showed them a picture of himself in makeup, which is said to look very much like the concept art shown to the left.

2. "We did the whole scene together were I give him the ring," Morrison said of working with the film's star, Ryan Reynolds.

3. The actor also said that the plan is, obviously, to make sequels to the Green Lantern movie … though he's not sure if Abin Sur would be part of those sequels.

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