Monday, October 25, 2010

Green Lantern Movie Reveals First Look at the Planet OA

One of the coolest things about any Green Lantern is that unlike most of our other mainstream superheroes, they do most of their work off of the Planet Earth. Sure, Hal Jordan has saved our planet on more than one occasion, but he has a home away from his home planet. The home base of every Green Lantern in the Planet OA, and now we can see for the first time what that planet will look like in the upcoming film.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures come two new concept illustrations from the "Green Lantern" Movie depicting Oa.

The first illustration depicts the Crypts of Oa, where fallen Green Lanterns are forever remembered (unless some Black Lantern comes and raises them from the dead). The film's version of the Crypt is a bleak landscape that you probably wouldn't want to walk around alone — unless you had a trusty ring with you, of course. In the comics, the Crypt is watched over by Morro, the defender of Space Sector 0666.

The second illustration is the Guardian's city, essentially the downtown district of Oa. This area is where many of Oa's most important features are, from the Hall of Great Service where the laws and stories that define the Green Lantern Corps are housed, to the watering holes that Guy Gardner is always trying to start, to the home of the iconic Central Power Battery — which may or may not have a little something to do with that green burst of light shining in the middle of the illustration.

We were less than excited about the first images of the Green Lantern Power Battery last week, but our faith is fully restored with these gorgeous shots. Because as much as this earthling appreciates the Green Lanterns of our sector, we still love our Green Lanterns out exploring space and all it has to offer.

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  1. Damn that rendition of Oa is just beautiful.
    At first, I was worried about the creative team behind this movie;
    But so far, all of the concept art from the film has just been absolutely top notch.

    They really seem to be taking this seriously, and I can not wait to see it in action.

    The aliens, the uniform, the battery, Oa... it all looks PERFECT.
    I am completely baffled when anyone complains about what they have seen so far.