Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christopher Nolan in Search for New Female Lead in Batman 3

Hardly earth shattering or breaking new but production of Christopher Nolan's third Batman feature film gathers steam with closed meetings with young fresh faced starlets.

From the quite reliable Comic Book Movie and MovieHole comes this nugget of information.
Several young (“Late 20′s, early 30′s”) ladies are meeting with the Caped Crusader’s resuscitator this week to talk about the new film. Interestingly enough, quite a few of the ladies don’t actually know what role they’re being asked to read for/meet Nolan about (yep, security is tighter on this thing than the department store Jonathan Switcher worked at in “Mannequin” – Okay, maybe a bit tighter than that) they’ve just accepted an offer to “meet” with the filmmaker. Presumably, they’ll leave the meeting knowing quite a bit more. 
I’ve the names of a couple of the young ladies meeting with Nolan, but I’ve checked in with them and they’ve kindly asked me not to name them – at least until they’re convinced they haven’t got the job (fair enough, don’t want to jinx it for anyone).  What I can say is that Nolan is open to casting a fresh face as the female lead; he’s not necessarily bringing in the big guns.
Again, this "revelation" is anything but breaking news, but just adds to the speculation of what character he is auditioning young ladies for at the moment. 

Could it be Julie Madison, Vicki Vale, Selina Kyle, Talia Al Ghul, Barbara Gordon?  What female character from the Batman Universe would you like to see on the big screen


  1. Cassandra Caine. Although you would have to do Barbara Gordon first.

  2. It´s going to be Talia Al Ghul1

  3. Barbra Gorden would be too young - if the movie follows that last 2's timeline. I would either like to see Selina or Talia. SILVERJACK810 Phil