Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Because I'm Amazed By this Fact: Nintendo Sells 46,000 Wii Remotes a Day.

According to Nintendo, the company has sold more than 65 million Wii remotes in the United States since the launch of the console in November 2006. It averages 46,000 Wii Remotes sold every day.

"This demonstrates that Wii owners like to play and they like to play together. They're not the stereotypical gamers playing alone in their parents' basement," Nintendo says.

Here's the breakdown of U.S. Wii remote controller sales by retail tracking group NPD:
• 30.41 million included with the Wii hardware
• 12.92 million sold with Wii Play
• 18.56 million white versions sold separately
• 2.44 million black versions sold separately
• 467,500 pink versions sold separately
• 465,200 blue versions sold separately

NPD also reports Nintendo has sold an additional 52.9 million Nunchuk controllers in the United States through September.

On November 7, Nintendo will launch the The Wii Remote Plus, a new controller that combines the traditional Wii remote and Wii RemotePlus add-on.

via: IGN & SpaceGandhi

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