Thursday, August 26, 2010

SAW Director, James Wan to Direct Comic Adaptation of NIGHTFALL

Everywhere you look and everything you read seems to be about Vampires.  Movies, Television, Books, etc. all dealing with vampires.   Well, this a story might actually be a vampire story worth watching. Collider is reporting that Director James Wan (Saw) will helm a live-action adaptation of Nightfall.  The 2007 graphic novel — written by Scott O. Brown — tells the story of a man who “is sentenced to time in a prison run by vampires.” 

It seems that the simple premise is what got Wan excited about taking on the project.  The director told Deadline,”The minute I heard the concept, I was in.  Reading the graphic novel cemented that like Saw, it’s a simple concept that, if executed properly, will be so cool.”  Wan’s next film, Insidious, will be part of the Midnight Madness program at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival.

For those not familiar with the book. Below is a synopsis:
“When industrious, right-wing survivalist David Paxton is sent to a tough Texas prison, he has no idea that it’s secretly run by vampires using the inmates to feed on. Now, Paxton’s one hope of escape is a desperate prison riot and an uneasy alliance with a ruthless killer named Robbart.”

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