Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Superheros + Small Heads = Beautiful Art

I doing my daily run down of comic related news when I stumbled upon a post from Comics Alliance (one of my favorite sites) about Patricio Betteo and his art.  I was captivated by these shrunken head superheros.  The small heads, elongated bodies and use of bright colors makes these unique superhero prints a must have for any collector.

The explorations on Betteo's deviantART account contain a lot of the same faces that other superhero-fan artists tackle on the site, like Iron Man, Hellboy and The Joker. Fortunately,  Betteo also incorporated one of my favorite all-time books into his one-of-a-kind art - BONE.  I love the piece with Rose and Fone Bone.  His Spider-Man meeting a fly scene is also extremely creative and very well done.  

Source:  Comics Alliance

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