Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ethan Van Sciver’s Cover to JLA #50 - Where are the Real JLA Members?

You know what would be a good way to celebrate the 50th issue of JLA?  Actually, have someone from the "real" JLA in the issue?  No Bruce Wayne, No Superman, No Oliver Queen, No Martian Manhunter, No Wonder Woman, No Aquaman, No Hawks, No Wally West or Barry Allen.  We do get Donna Troy, Supergirl, Tim Drake, Congorrilla, Guardian, Mikaal Tomas, Mon-El, and Cyborg. 
I very much like Van Sciver's art and he does a wonderful job with this cover, but the current line-up sucks.  The JLA is it's best when we have the "A-Team" superheroes we love working together to thwart whatever threat is upon us.
Morrison's JLA run was fantastic.  Bruce Timm's JLA & JLU run on Cartoon Network was even better. Now we are stuck with a bunch of C-list superheroes running the greatest League in the world.

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  1. Where's Tim Drake? Because last I heard, Dick Grayson was the Batman, and Tim Drake was Red Robin...