Friday, August 20, 2010

Alien GREEN LANTERN Movie Characters Revealed

First it was Killowog or was it?  then it was Tomar or was it?  Now Comic Book Movies has apparently tracked down designs for M'Dhana, Galius Zed,  Salaak, Rot Lop Fan, Bzzd, Morro and Boodikka.  Here are the images.  What do you think?  Believable? 


  1. Watch out for Boodikka!. She was Sinestro's ally in the animated film "Green Lantern: First Flight" and tried to kill Hal Jordan. She didn't come to a good end, though.

  2. Rot Lop Fan is in the movie? But I though... never mind. And good God what happened to Galius Zed? (I call him "The Ball")