Monday, August 23, 2010

DC Releases huge BRIGHTEST DAY Cover Montage. Can You Spot the Hints?

In an effort to pump some life into an otherwise boring and incoherent story DC unveiled this beautiful BRIGHTEST DAY cover montage featuring all the key players in this "saga."  The covers fit together into this massive piece of art that teases what may come out of this story.  Click the image above to see it in all it's glory.

I could care less about the events that may or may not unfold in this series since to date it has been painfully underwhelming, but the art of this HUGE cover montage is wonderful.  This colossal spread features figures by the very talented Ryan Sook, with additional artistry from Fernando Pasarin and Joel Gomez (and a guiding hand from Co-Publisher Jim Lee, natch)

DC's the Source teases, "what does it all mean? Too early to tell, but all the more reason to spend a few more minutes enlarging the image below."  Do you care?

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  1. "couldn't care less" for the second paragraph, rather than "could care less"