Friday, August 20, 2010

PREVIEW: BATMAN & ROBIN #14 (and why it's a good series)

I have changed my tune on Grant Morrison's BATMAN AND ROBIN.  Admittedly, I was filled with sour grapes when Morrison and Didiot "killed-off" Bruce Wayne and started the run with Dick as Batman and Damien as Robin.  I was upset and did not give this book a chance.  Now, that I have come around and am current on this title, I have been impressed with the book, especially the Tim, Damien, Dick, and Alfred relationship.  Now, I do admit that current plot line of hunting down Bruce, history of the Wayne family, Batman RIP tie-in, Joker, etc. was a very big reason for my turn around but nonetheless I give the Scottish Alan Moore his due.

Well this month BATMAN & ROBIN #14 hits the shelves and DC has given us a preview. 
Grant Morrison and artist Frazer Irving continue their epic BATMAN AND ROBIN tale, as one of our heroes lies near death. Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne enter the ultimate, blood-soaked battle against two foes who almost destroyed the original Batman. But are they up for the challenge? And if they can’t make it as a team, have they sealed their fates?

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