Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Look at Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #3 Preview

Batman:  Return of Bruce Wayne #3 hits the shelves tomorrow and Yanick Paquette steps into the artist’s chair and joins forces with writer Grant Morrison to tell a pirate’s tale – featuring our hero, a time-lost Bruce Wayne, struggling to find his way back home as some of his own friends struggle to prevent it from happening.

Gfest has been a little disappointed thus far with this series.  Although, in typical Grant Morrison fashion he takes the reader on a long and confusing journey prior to providing the "pay-off."  Let's hope the Scottish James Robinson knows has a plan to tie this story together that will fit into the DC Universe.  By fit into the DC Universe, Gfest means make Bruce Wayne Batman again!

Click read more for the complete 6 page preview.

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