Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Texas Police Confiscate Hundreds of Weeds They Thought Was Marijuana

What was first thought to be one of the largest marijuana seizures in the Corpus Christi Police Department's history turned into an embarrassing incident for the cops, as the clueless officers spent a busy and exciting evening harvesting hundreds of horsemint weeds (pictured) from a city park.

The incident began when a teenager riding his bike through Waldron Park in Flour Bluff discovered what he thought were pot plants growing there about 8 p.m Thursday.

The police then spent about an hour pulling up, bagging and tagging around 400 plants. But when they took their haul back to the station, tests revealed that it was a common weed called horsemint.

Police didn't they explain how their big "drug haul" will be disposed of, now that they've spent untold hours and plenty of taxpayer money clearing weeds of the the city park.

The estimated street value of the horsemint is $0.

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  1. Well, that's one way to work off the donut fat...