Monday, November 1, 2010

Sexy Super Model Tanit Phoenix May Be the Next Wonder Woman

Apparently the South African supermodel and actress, who recently appeared in Lost Boys: The Thirst, is in the running to play Wonder Woman in the new WB/DC tv series heading our way..

Although we may not see the Amazonian princess on the big screen for some time, we will see her grace our tv screens at some point. According to Comic Book Movie, apparently WB/DC are already on the hunt for a lady to don the lasso and gauntlets. And WhatsPlaying report that model turned actress Tanit Phoenix is on their watch list..
Apparently, the actress has actually already spoken to key members of the production team and expressed interest… and they’re (that includes some suits at Warner Bros, whom she worked with on Lost Boys: The Thirst) apparently big fans, so her name will undoubtedly be amongst the four or five young actresses that are ultimately shortlisted for the role of the Amazonian princess. “She will definitely get to screen test”, says an insider.
Phoenix certainly looks the part. She's 5'9 and all kinds of gorgeous. Aside from The Lost Boys movie she has appeared in Lord Of War with Nicholas Cage, a few straight to dvd flicks and has been cast in the lead for HBO's upcoming show Femme Fatales.

via comic book movie, Keron Grant 


  1. Hell yes she can act! Tanit Phoenix is in Death Race2 as the leading actress opposite Sean Bean(Lord of the rings), and Ving Rhames, and Luke Goss and Danny Tejo(Machete), and she is the lead on HBO's new tv series Femme Fatales! This girl is talented, but she is from South Africa, so has not had the opportuinity to show herself in more international films until she moved out to Los Angeles. She is loads of Indie films. She has shot Lord Of War with Nick Cage, and she recently shot opposite Monty Pythons John Cleese, where she played a drama teacher who has an affair with a school boy... she is brilliant with accents.

  2. Sexy South African supermodel Tanit Phoenix has already graced the covers of top magazines at home and abroad, now the next frontier awaits – as the comic book character Wonder Woman, in a new US television series.

    The show has shortlisted the Durban-born beauty as one of the actresses considered to play the Amazonian princess.

  3. super sexy, talented actress, trained with muay thai boxing. I think she's perfect for the role of wonder woman.

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