Friday, October 29, 2010

Star Wars Picture is The World’s Largest Lego Mosiac

Tony Sims of Wired recently posted about Dorling Kindersley’s attempt to break the world record for the largest Lego Mosaic in London.

The bricks have been counted and the size of the mosaic has been measured, and it has been confirmed that DK and the LEGO Group have broken a Guinness World Record for the largest image built with interlocking plastic bricks, to celebrate the launch of the latest in DK’s LEGO Brickmaster Books series!

Nearly 2000 visitors, young and old came along to help build this fantastic creation, and with the help and guidance from the Brickish Association and DK team, the mosaic was finished in at lunchtime on Monday, October 25th.

Congrats to DK, Lego and all the volunteers that assisted in building this beautiful masterpiece.   Now if I could get some volunteers to help me put together my sons Lego Death Star.

via:  DK and GeekDad

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