Monday, October 11, 2010

Megan Fox Turns Down the Role of Wonder Woman. WTF?

Transformers babe and all around gfest fantasy girl Megan Fox allegedly rejected taking on the role of Wonder Woman.  What the hell was she thinking?

Sources say that Megan doesn’t want to don Wonder Woman’s costume because she has resolved to take on more serious movies.

“Megan has been linked to the role and there was an approach at one point but she’s not going anywhere near Wonder Woman,” says a source close to the star.  “She wants to move on to more serious roles.”

As if that plan isn't bat shit crazy enough, the 24 year old actress is also considering plans to have a temporary Hollywood hiatus and enter the Broadway scene.  “Theater really appeals to her. She has nothing lined up yet but she’s open to offers. She hopes to mix theater work with some smaller indy movies and only do big movies if they are right for her. Megan is desperate to get away from her Transformers image and move on with her acting career."
Megan Fox is crazy not to take the role, but then again, having followed her career closely, she is actually a little bit crazy.  Its part of what makes her so sexy.  Having said that, she's still only really known for her role in Transformers.  Don't you have to build up some sort of body of work before you make the leap to "serious" acting?  Her films outside of Transformers have all been complete bombs.

After putting out Jennifer's Body and Jonah Hex, plus getting herself fired from the third Transformers movie, Megan Fox should take what she can get at this point. Without her looks she is a nobody. She is not a great actress (she was once nominated for Worst Actress of the Year) and her odds of landing a serious role in a big budget film are low to say the least.

Megan, make this fanboy's wet dreams come true, and please reconsider. 


  1. better to have ERICA DURANCE. She is too good to kick their sorry little butts...

  2. "She is not a great actress (she was once nominated for Worst Actress of the Year)..."
    Well then, why would you want her in the lead role of Diana/Wonder Woman? If the girl can't act, wouldn't casting her in the role immediately guarantee the movie would be a complete dud? Oh... wait... lousy acting didn't seem to negatively affect the "Charlie's Angels" franchise. Never mind.

  3. They should get Jessica Biel for the role.

  4. Why would you want an awful actress to play Wonder Woman?

    And maybe in realizing she's not a good actress she's going places where she can learn..

    This was a somewhat illogical fan-boy rant. And maybe she want's to become more than a "nobody" so she's decided to hone her skills.( or lack there of".

  5. Good! Megan Fox is an awful excuse for an actress and she shouldn't have even been considered for the role.

    All she is is eye-candy, and while that's great for a poster or a pin-up model or that nasty excuse for a movie, Transformers (1 & 2), she has no business ruining what could be a good film with her air-headed approach to acting.

  6. Agreed! Better to have no Wonder Woman than to have Megan Fox act the part!