Thursday, September 30, 2010

Super Sexy Batgirl Halloween Costumes for 2010 (Possibly NSFW)

Going for the sexy and heroic look on this Halloween can be a superb and different idea. There are a plenty of ideas to look absolutely stunning and raise the temperatures in the Halloween party - none better than a sexy superhero. This dazzling look will take care of the stiff competition from other quarters even as everyone tries to outshine each other to become the crowing glory of the night.

Last week we started our weekly Halloween feature which highlights one sexy superhero costume each week until October 31. Hopefully these costumes will provide a bit of inspiration for our lovely and beautiful female readers to wear to this years party.

Enjoy Batgirl!


  1. Some of these aren't even Batgirl. One of them was even Morrigan (or Lillith due to lack of breasts) from Darkstalkers. And I'm sure quite a few of those were Catwoman. At least one was.

  2. The hottest one was the girl surrounded by comics.

  3. I agree with Budd. That one was the best.

  4. Definitely NSFW when mons pubis, panty removal, and body paint are involved.

  5. I find that when the costumes leave more to the imagination, the girls would be more attractive.

    I loved the one with the girl surrounded by comic books, but most of the others looked a bit skanky.
    I wouldn't even touch the topless woman with ten foot pole.

  6. Girl on top and the girl with the comics are the sexist.. :p