Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mega-Talent Brian K Vaughn Resurfaces With a Fox TV Show

Ever since the announcement that he was leaving the writing cast of LOST and wrapping up his work on Ex Machina, gfest has been anxiously waiting to hear what Brian K Vaughn would be doing next.  In a Lost podcast, series executive producer Damon Lindelof announced Vaughn has left the show for ‘”greener pastures”.

We originally speculated that he was leaving to go work on TV or movie adaptations of Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina, both of which were in various stages of development.  However, Vaughn surprised us once again. 

The wildly innovative and successful writer has finally resurfaced in a new report from Deadline Hollywood, who says the lauded creator of "Y: The Last Man" will make his comeback with "Smokers," a new Fox television series produced by "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi's production company.

Smokers is described as a "high-concept drama about a documentary crew following working class heroes who exterminate alien threats in deep space." The one-line description leaves a lot to the imagination, but if its based on BKV's imagination you can count us in. 

The "Smokers" project is part of a hat-trick deal on the part of Raimi's Stars Road, who've sold three different hour-long series to three different network. No launch date or other details have been announced.

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