Monday, August 16, 2010

Super and Batman Fight EVERYONE and I'm Bored

If this cover is any indication, Superman and Batman will be facing the mother of all fights in Superman/Batman #78 coming out in November. 

Putting together teams of bad guys to take down the superheroes of the DC Universe is hardly a novel concept, especially in this comic book.  But this is one heck of a team of bad guys that has joined forces.

Superman fights Brainiac, Solomon Grundy, Parasite, Doomsday, Mongul, Lex Luthor, Bizarro and an amry from Apokolips sent by Darkseid. 

While Batman only has to fight the Joker, Scarecrow and Clayface?  This must be the Dick Grayson version of Batman, because Bruce Wayne could take down those three in a heartbeat. 

In all seriousness, I despise these kind of stories.  Each one of these villains is supposedly powerful enough to give Superman or Batman a serious run for their money.  Doomsday actually killed Superman for heaven's sake, and that was after the entire Justice League also took their best shot at him.  Yet now I'm supposed to believe that Superman could beat Doomsday along with every other member of his rouges gallery? 

That's lazy, sloppy storytelling in my book, and I don't care for it.  A five year old can think of the concept of "have them fight everyone."  I expect better from my comic books. 

Having said that, I do really like that cover. 


  1. Say, here's a novel idea for an Internet blogger - why not read the comic BEFORE you rip into it? Just saying...

  2. Unless they are outright lieing to us in the previews (which in fairness has happened before), I don't need to wait to read the comic in this case to know I won't like it. As I said, I don't like the entire premise behind the story.

  3. Notice the Riddler's question mark - there may be more to this than meets the eye!

  4. Agreeing with the comment above, either the question mark signifies this is something totally different...or Batman get one more baddy to fight. Who knows