Monday, August 16, 2010

DC Comics Unveils White Lantern Batman? What Does it Mean?

DC Comics released the following image today.  Its the cover to an upcoming issue of Brightest Day done by David Finch, but that's hardly the important part. 

The important part is that you are looking at a White Lantern Version of Batman.  Those of you following Brightest Day know that the story involves the search for a new White Lantern.  But could it REALLY be Bruce Wayne?

Remember that in Blackest Night we were teased with a Black Lantern Batman that actually turned out to be a clone of Batman created by Darkseid and not Bruce Wayne himself.  Is this yet another cheap gimmick thrown at DC's readership in an effort to sell cool action figures, or does anyone actually believe that Bruce Wayne will return to become the permanent White Lantern?

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  1. Who says it has to be Bruce Wayne? It could be Dick Grayson or Tim Drake as well.