Monday, August 30, 2010

Playboy Launches Grand Theft Auto Like 3D Video Game

With the business of girlie magazines quickly going the way of the CD player, Playboy is desperately trying to find a new business model, and new ways of making money.  Apparently, they've pinned their hopes on putting "Playboy caliber women" into video games. 

Hef's company has partnered with online game company Bigpoint to distribute select titles through Playboy's website, beginning with Bigpoint’s Poisonville, which is a browser-based MMO crime game (in the spirit of Grand Theft Auto) that puts gamers into a fictional U.S. city where crime and corruption rule the streets.

Players must complete a series of missions in order to counteract corruption, regain respect, and rebuild their reputations. Throughout the game, players will encounter beautiful, Playboy-caliber women. In full-3D, players can drive a variety of vehicles, engage in player vs. player combat, and compete in ongoing competitions designed to simulate gang warfare - all through a standard web browser.

Putting Playboy models into video games is an idea that's hard to argue with.  Having said that, Poisonville doesn't exactly look like the greatest video game ever made.  Call us when Playboy releases Womb Raider.   

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