Monday, August 30, 2010

Futurama's 100th Episode Tackles Issue of Illegal Aliens

It’s been a rocky road for gfest’s current favorite cartoon show.  You remember the cancellation, the network changes, the semi-return on DVD, and then the full return. But Futurama is capping is fantastic sixth season with its 100th glorious episode, and, as you can see, someone’s planning a party.

On Thursday, Futurama wraps with “The Mutants are Revolting,” a sharp finale probing the open wounds of illegal aliens. Once ass-kicking space babe Leela is outed as a mutant, she spearheads an underground revolt from the sewers to strike terror into the hearts of the surface dwellers.

Read the episode's official description from Comedy Central:

The Planet Express Crew has been hired to make their 100th delivery and Bender begins planning the party of the millennium. Meanwhile, however, the rest of the crew attends a fundraiser where Fry accidentally outs Leela as a mutant who is illegally living above ground. For that, she is banished to the sewers where her fellow mutants reside in futuristic squalor. Feeling guilty about his slip-up, Fry and the rest of the gang – along with the mutated members of Devo – join Leela in an epic mutant revolution against the surface dwellers.

While this episode sadly marks the end of this fantastic season of Futurama, hopefully Comedy Central will announce soon that we can raise our tankers of Slurm to the next 100 episodes.

Until next season, ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

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