Thursday, August 26, 2010

How ‘bout This Tony Daniel Batman Cover?

This Batman Cover by Tony Daniel is just amazing.  DC's The Source caught up with Daniel to get the scoop on what he will be doing with Dark Knight starting this November.  Tony tells us:
“I’m excited to be back writing (and drawing) again. I’ll be hitting the ground running this next story arc. There are a few mysteries I want to keep secret, but I can say that I-Ching guest stars during my first arc back and Batman will need the blind mystic’s help to overcome the ancient evil that’s now taking root into Gotham’s Chinatown. Lots of swords, poison arrows, mysteries, puzzles, codes, a secret order, judo chops, punches, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, horses, parades and fireworks, and well, it goes on.”
Did I mention how much I love this cover to BATMAN #705? 

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