Monday, June 14, 2010

Steve Jobs Enters the Controversial World of Banning Books

As the most cultured gfesters already know, Ulysses was banned from publication in the United States because of a scene in which Leopold Bloom masturbates on a beach while fireworks burst nearby. The courts eventually decided the episode wasn’t obscene because it didn’t promote lust.

Well, history seems to be repeating itself, this time in Apple’s App Store. Sarah Weinman at the Daily Finance says that a Webcomic adaptation of the book has been banned from iPads and iPhones because one panel contains a cartoon penis.

Gfest understands Steve Jobs reluctance to let Playboy or Penthouse have a porn app on the Apple system.  But this is a whole different ballgame.  Censoring works of literature crosses over into a whole new world of control and controversy that Apple would be wise to avoid.  History has not exactly looked kindly on book banners Mr. Jobs. 

Cartoon Penis after the Jump...


  1. I wouldn't have thought a guy as busy as Steve Jobs would actually need to get a life. Guess if stuff like this bugs him, maybe he does.

  2. You're right. Maybe that's why he lost his iPhone at that bar.