Monday, June 21, 2010

Megan Fox Side Boob Only Good Thing to Come Out of Jonah Hex Movie

Based on the early reviews and the horrible opening weekend for the "Jonah Hex" movie, this picture of Megan Fox's boobs at the movie's premiere might be the only enjoyable thing about the movie. 

Jonah Hex, was a complete failure, rustling up a paltry estimated $5.1 million at 2,825 locations.  The film reportedly cost $50 million to make, which means its going to lose a LOT of money at the end of the day.

Hex was the weakest start for a DC Comics adaptation since Steel in 1997, and was much lower than the $9.4 million of the last DC bust, The Losers.

The Western action movie was an attempt at counter-programming Toy Story 3 but couldn't muster much niche support let alone broader interest with its feeble presentation: not serious and dramatic enough for Western buffs and too obscure for most fan boys. It had one of the worst openings on record for a Western, let alone a comic book movie.

But to finish on a high note, Megan Fox has really nice side boob.  So skip the theatres, and pre-order it on DVD today. 

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