Monday, June 21, 2010

Kilowog to Join the Obama Corps?

You can take all of your Barack Obama Spiderman comic books and shove them, because THIS is clearly the best crossover between President Obama and the world of comic books. 

Kilowog yelling "Yes We Can Poozers" to a group of new Green Lantern recruits just seems right.  Well its seems right until all those recruits then go out and get slaughtered in the next big attack on the Green Lanterns.  Seriously, we love the old big guy, but when's the last time one of Kilowog's trainees wasn't killed within the first year?  Blackest Night seemed to clear out all of them. 

Wonder if the Green Lantern Corps has universal health care?   

Also, see Barack Obama Joins the Blue Lantern Corps.

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