Sunday, June 6, 2010

iPhone HD Announced Tomorrow - Leaked Photos Here

According to the website Purist, at tomorrow’s Apple WWDC 2010, we know that Steve Jobs will be on stage with the brand new Apple iPhone. Featuring an updated design, the newly dubbed Apple HD (aka Apple iPhone 4G) will be offered in all white and all black. 

Additional advanced features include:
- Update to Apple iPhone OS with multitasking
- Advanced Apps Management
- Front-facing camera
- Camera with higher resolution
- Better battery life
- Video Chat and upgrade to iChat

Steve is also rumored to discuss the following at tomorrow’s WWDC 2010 Keynote:
- MobileMe offered free
- News on the new Mac OS X 10.7
- News on the new Apple TV, priced at $99 (offered in September)
- An in the cloud, streaming service ala Lala
- Finally, an upgrade to MacBook Air (rumored to have built-in 3G)
- New Safari 5.0, with Safari Reader and Bing Search option
- New iLife with updates to iMovie
- iPad updates, as more print magazine partners announce apps


  1. new Picture of the iPhone HD:

  2. smarter better faster? that would be the weakest bit of advertising copy i've ever read if it were real

  3. Hah, yeah right.

  4. I like that you used "ala Lala" in a sentence.

  5. If he will talk about iphone 5 then that is not a rumor because the iphone 5 will be out this year. The iPhone 5 can be a lot of things. It can be a phone, of course. It can be a video game player. It can even be a calendar. But now it can be your decision-maker as well.