Friday, June 4, 2010

Christopher Nolan Says NO Joker in Batman 3

Director Christopher Nolan has said that the Joker will not be returning in Batman 3 or any other subsequent bat-films as long as he's helming the franchise. From the latest issue of Empire Magazine:

"'No,' says Nolan emphatically and unhesitatingly. He resists elaborating simply because, quite understandably, he says, 'I just don't feel comfortable talking about it.'"

Gfest is very happy that the Joker will not return in Batman 3. Heath Ledger did a wonderful job and it would have been disastrous to recast the Joker.  Kudos to you Christopher Nolan.

Let the debate begin.  Who will be the next Batman villain?
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  1. The next movie would have to be a catwoman movie. Penguin just wouldn't work on the big screen. Riddler might be nice if done without jim Carrey. I would say do the Jason Todd/Red Hood storyline, but it kind of hard to pull off without the joker. SciFi Media