Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Breast Implants Got Woman Into a Comic Book

Karla-Rae Morris, 29, is a model in St. Alberta Canada. 

She will also soon be featured as a comic book superhero, a role she says she would have never dreamed of before she received a gift of $8,000 for breast implants.

About 2,000 copies of the fantasy-style graphic novel, created by Mike Roshuk, are expected to be printed by late summer.

Morris is one of hundreds of flat-chested, financially-strapped women who have resorted to asking men for online donations to get boob jobs.

The cash for Morris’s surgery was donated by men on the controversial website

Two men gave her more than $2,000 each and another man pitched in $1,000.
To attract donors, Morris admits she sent them nude photos.

Source - cnews

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